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A Young Woman Ready to Leave Her Social Footprint by Helping Others

Photo: Angelica Davis, Executive Director

The beautiful thing about hardships is that they are great for developing an attitude of toughness and increasing ones ability to overcome when others may be subdued.


They are also great for producing the desire to want to help others succeed. Such is the case for Chosen Womanhood’s Founder and Executive Director Angelica Davis.  A young woman ready to make her social footprint by helping others.

People can say what they want about our young people or “millennials”, but I have met some amazing individuals along my journey. Young people filled with life, compassion, determination, dreams, and the drive to make those dreams come true. Find out more about Angelica and Chosen Womanhood from our interview:

JM: Tell me a little bit about your business/organization.

AD: Chosen Womanhood is an organization that was started in May 2017. The organization was created  to help young woman in the St. Petersburg community strive to be the best versions of themselves.

JM: What are you most passionate about?

AD: I’m most passionate about helping young ladies strive to be the best versions of themselves. Not everyone have the same walks in life, some may not know how to handle the walk that God has given them. I do believe that if I can help one young lady not be a statistic, I can change the world.

JM: Who does your business/organization services?

AD: Young Ladies Ages 8-18

JM: What business/organization accomplishment are you most proud of?

AD: I am very proud of the support I have been given since starting the organization. I pray that the support continues as we grow.

JM: What inspired you to start your organization?

AD: God. He gave me a vision, but he never told me HOW I was going to do it. So I fasted for a week, by doing this I came up with a plan and prayed about it. God lead me to start my own organization.

JM: Did you face any obstacles in starting; if so, how did you overcome them?

AD: I faced many obstacles in starting my organization, I didn’t know how I was going to come up with my board, also I didn’t know how I was going to come up with the money to do the paperwork. But, by the grace of God, I found six incredible young ladies to stand behind me in starting my organization. Also, people donated money so that I could  complete  my paperwork.

JM: If you could leave one word of wisdom to the readers what would it be?

AD: Nothing comes from being in your comfort zone, when you are uncomfortable magic happens. Be spontaneous.

JM: Where do you see your business or organization in five years?

AD: In five years, I see Chosen Womanhood growing and make a big impact in the St. Petersburg community.

JM: Please describe any upcoming or annual events that you host:

AD:  Chosen Womanhood Meet and Greet

Date and Time : July 22  from 11am-1pm

Location if: 745 40th Street South, Saint Petersburg, Florida

Registration Link:  To be a vendor for the pop up shop please contact Angelica Davis.

JM: Any other information you would like to share?

AD: Volunteers are welcome

Thank you.

Contact Information:

Angelica Davis

Chosen Womanhood

Date of Inception: May 2017

Social Media Handles:

Instagram: ChosenWomanhood

Facebook: Chosen Womanhood

Twitter: Chosen Womanhood

Email Address:Chosenwomanhood@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 727-729-9482



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