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(Wishful Thinking) R&B Women Millennium Tour – Ciara, Ashanti, Keyshia Cole, Nivea + More


Nostalgia is in the air.

It seems that everyone is going back to the mid 90’s and the early 2000’s. From the hairstyles to the music tours, we are living in the present with our hearts in the past.

Recently, Omarion and Bow Wow announced the Millennium Tour, featuring Ying Yang Twins, Soulja Boy, and Immature to name a few. Since then, I have put a tour together in my head.

Ciara – Now lemme see ya 1,2 step

Before Megan The Stallion knees hit IG, there was Ci-Ci with her bionic – like limbs, all over 106 & Park.

During the early 2000’s, there was an emergence of ‘crunk’ music from ATL and baby, she was right in the middle, repping for the ladies. She’s actually referred to as the First lady of Crunk&B.

The ‘Oh’ singer teamed up with Lil’ John, Jazze Pha, Ludacris, and every other heavy hitter you can think of in the industry. Her self titled album, Ciara, actually went platinum three times and stayed on the Billboard 200 Chart for 71 weeks. Bring back the Ciara when she was dating Bow Wow; only for one night though.

Ciara may whisper a lil’ bit, when she be sangin’ but baby, I still stan!

Keyshia Cole – I should’ve lied/ I should’ve cheated…

Oh, how I remember everyone wearing their two toned hair color. The lighter color on top and the darker color on bottom, K. Cole started a lil’ hair trend and all.

Hitting the industry in 2002, the then gapped-tooth (it was so cute) Cali artist was our generation’s Mary J. Blige. With hits like ‘I Should Have Cheated, Love, Shoulda Let You Go, and the classic, I Remember, it ain’t hard to see why.

Not to mention, her reality show Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is. Chile, we got to see Frankie and Neffie cut all the way up and sadly their dysfunction.

Folks joke on K. Cole all the time, but homegirl has sold millions of albums and three of her them (The Way It Is, Just Like You, Different Me) have went platinum.

I would love to see my girl on tour.

Ashanti – Baby, Baby, Babbbiiieee

Signed to Murda Inc, Ashanti had some of the biggest hits in 2002. Featured on songs with Ja Rule, What’s Luv? and Always on Time, she became the Princess of R&B.

With her self titled album, she earned a Grammy and eight Billboard Awards. The NY native also became the first woman artist to have two top positions on the Billboard Hot 100 with Foolish and What’s Luv? She was really getting her life with those sideburns.

Ashanti really has some bops!

Nivea – I can give you 25 reasons why I’m still in love with you

Nivea ain’t get her chance to shine for real, for real. With three albums, she gave us a couple of low key classics, Complicated and 25 Reasons. I still listen to both of those songs. Laundromat is a bop too.

While she didn’t go platinum, she did peak the charts at #14 with Okay featuring the YoungbloodZ and Lil’ Jon.

I forget Nivea has twins with Dream, which has nothing to do with this, lmao!

We could have Sunshine Anderson, Cherish, and Nicole Wray as special guests. Listen, Heard it all Before and Make It Hot are still hittin’. They love playing Heard it all Before at the blues festivals and stuff. Obviously it ain’t a blues song but that crowd loves it.

This was a decade of some good ass music. The early 2000’s are right up there with the 90’s with music that touched your soul and/or made your body jump. I’m so glad I was old enough to appreciate it.

Who you adding to this tour?

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