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Will You Watch? Roxanne Shante Biopic

Yooooo!!! The real hip hop heads out there already know who the real Roxanne is.   If there is one female rap artist deserving of  the title “First Lady of Rap”; it’s her. She came out on vinyl – just know that.  I remember writing a blog post a while back about my love and hate  for  hip hop culture throughout the years and one of the websites that I referenced in the piece, had some footage  of Roxanne Shante performing  “Dance to This” in concert from back in the day. I lost it! She is truly a dope lyricist.

To have the opportunity to get to know the person behind the music is really special; the Roxanne Shante Biopic will give us that opportunity. Often times, we are so enamored with the person on stage, but have no idea was they had to go through to get there.  The biopic was featured during last year’s Sundance Film Festival and is  scheduled to be released on Netflix.

If I  was a betting woman, I would bet that the biopic is going to be a good one.  Considering the fact that, the producers of Fruitville Station and Dope are on this project (Forest Whitaker and Nina Yang Bongiovi).   The cast includes our bae from Moonlight, Mahershala Ali, the never aging Nia Long and  Chante Adams (Roxanne Shante) Elvis Nolasco, Kevin Phillips and Shenell Edmonds.

Through film, they share the story  of a very young  Lolita Shante Gooden, better known as, Roxanne Shante’s life and  her climb to fame. The trailer has me hooked y’all. Will you watch?

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