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Why Are You Depriving Yourself of What You Really Want?


There are so many thangs in life that we want. If we had the option, we wouldn’t suffer, struggle, or sacrifice ourselves. We would come out of our mother’s womb already living the life we desired, at that time.

As we hustle & bustle, not realizing the Universe is truly to our disposal, we never really prioritize what we need. At an early age, we’re taught to take what we can get & be satisfied. There are no options. If we ask for more, we are simply ungrateful.

For example, what did yo’ mama say, when it was time to eat, “You must not be hungry, if you don’t eat this cuz this is all I’m cooking.”? There are no choices, when you’re a child. You are taught to get what you can get, until you can do better. But, when the hell is better?

Is better after you take the job you really don’t want? Do options come, once you become an adult? When do you truly get to choose what makes you happy? There is no designated time. You create the opportunity & take it! That’s the only way you will live what you truly desire.

Many of us deprive ourselves and become resentful, while doing so. According to, this is deprivation mindset. 

“We may never feel as if we have enough of the things we need. This sense of insecurity can harm our close relationships. We may expect our loved ones to let us down, never express our needs directly, or choose romantic partners who are avoidant of intimacy.”

The author continued:

“Feeling deprived of important resources—love, food, money, time—can lead to anxiety or anger. We may obsess about the thing we’ve been deprived of. Or we may begin to feel that we need to operate in emergency mode—penny-pinching or scheduling every second of our days.”

The whole time we are denying ourselves of what we really want—sending us into a whirlwind. This is simply because we are accustomed to not advocating for ourselves, having choices, and feeling deserving of options.

If you want more love, ask for it. If you want another job, look for it. If you wanna laugh louder, do it. If you wanna travel more, do it. If you need a new life, clothes, or wanna become a more evolved version of yourself, then do it! Stop depriving yourself of life’s simple pleasures.

You’re simply ignoring what you need to become a better you. If you continue to do this, you’ll never be enough for yourself or anyone else. There are thangs our soul needs, in order to smile.

As you are aware, giving up your desires does make life any better. Folks are still mad at you; you’re still aggravated; you still don’t have enough money. I mean, disregarding your need—no matter how big or small—does nothing to help your situation. 

So, go head and be good to yourself! Choose what you really want.

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