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Welcome to Black History Month

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Welcome to Black History Month. I’m especially excited to hear about the achievements of black women.  There is so much value in understanding the plight of those that have come before you. When then things seem bleak or impossible, be reminded of our ability to overcome some of the most harsh conditions. Food, fashion, entrepreneurship, education, community, and wealth let’s celebrate it all. Black people are resilient, powerful,  intelligent, creative, loving, and the world just would not be same without us! Take a moment to attend some community events or speak with elders. They have some of the most magnificent stories.  Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud!


Black History Fact

The Head Wrap

According to the Patriot, the head-wrap originated in sub-Saharan Africa, and serves similar functions for both African and African-American women.
In style, the African-American woman’s head-wrap exhibits the features of sub-Saharan aesthetics and worldview.

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