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Breonna’s Law: No Knock Warrants Banned


Still reeling from her untimely death, the community celebrates a small but important victory. The Louisville police department voted in favor of Breonna’s Law.

The legislation will officially ban the practice of no-knock warrants, or warrants that allow police to enter a suspect’s apartment without warning or notice.

However, the officers responsible for Breonna’s death are still free. So, the legislation is a good starting point, but ultimately her killers need to face justice.

Previous Report

Kenneth Walker charges have been dropped. Kenneth Walker was the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor. Walker was initally charged with attempted murder.

26- year old Breonna Taylor did not deserve to die! According to her family she was young and full of life. A sweet person and ready to help those in need. Which she regularly did as a EMT. Breonna’s life was cut brutality short by Louisville law enforcement agents executing a no knock warrant at the wrong residence. The suspect in question was already in police custody.

Breonna’s boyfriend in an effort to protect their home and lives fired at officers who neglected to identify themselves. The officers returned fire striking Breonna 8 times. She died as a result of the gunshot wounds. Breonna’s family has hired Civil Rights Attorney, Benjamin Crump. Crump also represented the family of slain teenager, Trayvon Martin.

Breonna’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker was charged with attempted murder. One officer was shot in the leg, but has since recovered.

“He graduated from Valley High School, where he played football, and attended Western Kentucky University for two years, his father wrote in a sworn affidavit submitted in court documents. “

“Walker’s father, also named Kenneth, says his son was scheduled to start work at the U.S. Postal Service before the shooting. Before that, he’d worked various jobs, including roughly two years spent working for Coca-Cola. “

Legal Representation Go Fund Me for Kenneth.

Breonna and Kenneth

We will be following this case closely.

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