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Unstoppable: Female Entrepreneur – Katrina Aborisade

I posted something recently about amplifying  the yes in ones life. Too often we talk ourselves out of greatness because we are so busy listening to that inward voice of doubt.

Spa, Women, Business, Entreprenuer
Photo: Katrina Aborisade

Since launching  Janet Michelle, I have come into contact with some of the most amazing women. Women that aren’t afraid to pursue their dreams and passions. Women that have taken life by the horns and are riding the heck out of it. It is, If I must say, totally dope. Even greater, is the ability to bring these stories to you. In life , if you keep living long enough, you will realize that trials and tribulations will come. In most cases  you can use those tribulations and trials as stepping stones to greater things.

Please allow me to introduce to you, Katrina Aborisade, President of AGGI Organics and part owner of Wanderlust Spa. A woman who has done just that. She has an awesome story of perseverance and empowerment. I hope you enjoy this interview because I know I did.

JM: Tell me a little bit about your business.

KA: AGGI Organics is a body care line dedicated to enhancing natural beauty working from the inside out.

JM: What are you most passionate about?

I’m very enthusiastically passionate about creating generational wealth and also equipping our young ladies with tools to overcome adversity, build self confidence/awareness.

JM: Who does your business?

KA: We service anyone who wants to have healthy skin without harmful chemicals that could cause long  term effects.  Also people with skin issues such as eczema, acne, discoloration etc.

JM: What business accomplishment are you most proud of?

KA: I’m very proud that I was obedient to allow God to guide me.  It was easy there were lots of hurdles. I started working on this line since 2013 but life had me by the horns. 1. The accomplishment I’m most proud is I’m able to show my daughter and other young girls your surroundings not your past dictates your future.

JM: What inspired you to start your business?

KA:What inspired me to start AGGI Organics was I had a brief battle with skin cancer in 2013. Also, my daughter suffers from eczema. I wasn’t pleased with the recovery  process from the cancer or the sate of my daughters skin after using the prescribed medications. I researched until I had something I was comfortable with and I could stand behind.

JM: Did you face any obstacles in starting; if so, how did you overcome them?

KA: The number one obstacle I faced was fear. I’m a very private person. Knowing I would have to come out of my shell a bit. I was in fear of losing my privacy.  I let that fear go, I knew the outcome and the legacy I’m leaving behind is much greater. There was also issues with labeling I went back and forth several times until I was satisfied.

JM: If you could leave one word of wisdom to the readers what would it be?

KA: If you want it to manifest write it down then execute and don’t dare look back. Above all keep God first and remain humble.

JM: Where do you see your business  in five years?

KA: In five years, AGGI Organics will be a household name.  I will also have multiple global spas using AGGI Organics. Also, scholarships and apprenticeship programs afforded to students who would like to pursue that line of work.

JM: Please describe any upcoming or annual events that you host.

KA: I have an annual, I Am Royalty prom makeover.  Where I and fellow queens sponsor young ladies with custom dress, accessories etc. Also, Teen Summit to instill self confidence and knowledge of self into young ladies.


Contact information 

AGGI Organics/

Www.AGGIOrganics.com (coming soon)



Wanderlust Spa & Boutique





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