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Three Ways Single People Should Celebrate Easter


Welp, Easter is Sunday. If you don’t have any kids or nieces & nephews, you may be wondering what you could do to celebrate the joyous occasion.

It’s really not that hard, as it is Spring. Mimosas, Minosas, Mimosas…Say no mo’! Check out these tips!

  1. Host brunch or BBQ with your friends:

There’s nothing like brunch’n! Mimosas, food, music, nice fashions, and a good time. You may be childless but you can still celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, OH—KAY! If he was turning water into wine, surely he ain’t gon’ be bothered with yo’ champagne and/or whiskey.

2. Adult Easter Egg Hunt:

Who says you can’t be childlike and host an adult Easter egg hunt? Instead of filling the eggs with candy, fill with money, condoms, or whatever else your friends like.

3. Host a getaway weekend:

Planning an annual Easter vacay w/your childless friends could be so much fun. The weekend could consist of spa dates, brunch (of course), and an all around good time. We all like going out of town, right?

What are you and your friends doing for Easter?

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