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This Week In Social Media Trends Commentary: Stacey Abrams, Michael Bloomberg and Chaka Kahn


This week in social media trends commentary: Stacey Abrams, Michael Bloomberg and Chaka Kahn

Election Theft – It’s no secret that the race for Governor in the State of Georgia was tainted and quite frankly stolen. Then candidate, Stacey Abrams refused to concede the race and went on to challenge the results. The world waited, only for it to be confirmed that in that moment, favor was on the side of the thieves – the Kemp camp and company.  However, there is an old saying of “what’s done in the dark, will come out in the light”, well it looks like a crack of sunshine may be beaming down on the deeds of those that enabled the theft of that Gubernatorial election. 

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Photo: CNN

Let me bring you up to speed. Brian Kemp, former secretary of state ordered the purging of 700,000 eligible voters from the states voter role.  This “Interstate Crosscheck” purge list was supplied by Kansas Secretary of State  Kris Kobach, an architect  of some of the most restrictive Voter ID tactics and  someone who also worked closely with Donald Trump during the presidential election. Now if that isn’t’ shady.   Brian Kemp was then sued by journalist Greg Palast and Helen Butler, executive director of Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda.

According to the suit, Kemp in his role as secretary of state, was accused of using a racially biased methodology for removing eligible voters and failed to properly notify voters removed.  They sued to gain access to the files related to the voter purge. Earlier this week, federal District Judge Eleanor L. Ross ruled against the Governor Brian Kemp and the information requested is subject to public disclosure.  Sooooo, come up off that list Governor Kemp.   We trying to see something.  Stacey had it right, we must protect voters.

These voter attacks are well funded and coordinated by the very people in charge of ensuring the voting process is without blemish.   But, here comes the sun do do  do doo, and it ain’t gonna be alright!

Bloomberg Bamboozle- Bamboozled is exactly what black and brown folk can expect. The fact that some are even considering voting for Michael Bloomberg is mind blowing.  I know it’s not  the new blacks though. The ones that research  past voting history and ill conceived harmful  bills and programs . I guess Bloomberg’s hoping that his social medial ad blitz and apology tour will make voters forget his troubled and racist  tenure as Mayor of New York City. I guess that’s the move though, champion racist practices like “Stop N Frisk” , shoot for a bigger office, ask for forgiveness, pander to those who the practices hurt the most, then beg for their votes. Sigh….  You can’t make this stuff up!

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Photo: CNN

I Feel For You – Now why folk out here clowning our great R&B legend, Chaka Khan. I know, I know, not everyone was feeling her performance of the National Anthem at the NBA All Star Game in Chicago. But y’all know Chaka vocal chords got some miles on them, so cut her some slack.  Boy I tell ya, social media critics spare no one. Chaka has given us too many gems, so there will be no slander tolerated-mkay.

Chaka, Khan, NBA All Star Game
Photo: NBA All Star Game

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