The Women’s March



I was conflicted concerning the Women’s March.  I decided instead to go check out the movie, Hidden Figures. After leaving the movie, my conflict concerning the march became even clearer. Hidden Figures, tells the story of three black women – Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vauthree and their magnificent contributions to the NASA space program. Because of their work, several historic space missions were completed using their calculations. They were excellent mathematicians and engineers who overcame barriers of both racism and sexism.

My conflict became even clearer because, one would think that by having “allies” that battles in the workplace and in society would be fought together.  History has proven otherwise. While black women have made great strides, white women have made even greater gains and still out earn all other female ethnic groups. White women earn 78 cents on the dollar, compared to black women’s earnings of 63 cents.  The “good ole girl”, network is very real and prevalent in today’s society.   I wanted to join the march and walk with pride because finally, we as women were all progressing together, but I couldn’t.   We are not progressing together.  I’ll save my voice and energy for another time. Fifty-three percent of white women, voted for our now President, Donald Trump.  A man, whom we now know is a racist and surrounds himself with people of the same nature.

I do understand that there are women whom genuinely care and are down for the various causes that impact black women.  However, I’m not convinced enough to join them in this kumbaya moment.  I will continue to learn about the great achievements of strong black women that came before me. The ones who managed to get things done, with or without “allies”.  So often, black women have supported numerous causes, but have been unable to reap the full benefits of said causes. Black women were recently paraded around to help a presidential candidate secure the black vote.  Only to see that presidential candidate disappear once they did not secure the win.  We can no longer afford to be the mule of movements. Take care.

Janet Michelle, xoxo

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