The Obamas


I still remember the night he won, like it was yesterday. The entire family gathered around the television in my aunts living room, nervously awaiting the results of the  2008 election.  State by state, we held our collective breath waiting for Barack Obama to be declared the winner.  Once he hit the magic number  of 270, we jumped and screamed with great excitement.  Both the old and new generation beamed with pride at our newly elected 44th African-American President Barack Hussein Obama. Our excitement reached fever pitch once Michelle, Malia and Sasha joined him on stage.  There they were, what some believed no longer existed or was on the verge of extinction. An intact family, led by a fully devoted husband and anchored by and equally devoted wife and beautiful  children. I will never forget that night. It will be etched in my heart and in my mind forever.  I may not have agreed with President Obama and his stance or action on certain policies, but I never allowed that to get in the way of my honor, respect, and admonishment of him and his achievement.

Farewell Obama’s. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for bringing  glam, respect, honor, inclusiveness, love,  peace, and  hope to the lives of so many. Thank you for demonstrating how to conduct business in the highest office of the land.  Thank you for not losing the essence of who you were at the door.  Thank you for giving us real “relationship and parent goals”.  Thank you for sharing your love story.  Thank you for showing us how to persevere when the world has thrown everything at you including the kitchen sink. Thank you for demonstrating grace under fire. You will forever be our  POTUS and FLOTUS.  Now, on to the next the chapter.  It has truly been a pleasure.  Janet Michelle, xoxo

Photos: Time Magazine



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