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The Carters OTR II Concert


The Carters “On The Run II ”  concert was everything. Although, I would not expect anything less from two of the hardest working professionals in the entertainment industry.   I hesitated to purchase my ticket because the Camping World Stadium I knew it was an outdoor venue. It’s Florida, so its not a matter of,  if its going to rain, but instead when. Sure enough, it rained all the way up until I arrived in Orlando. No worries though, I had my poncho on hand just in case.  It all worked out because the cool breeze that came after the rain made for a pleasant night. 

OTRII, Beyonce, JayZ

I really loved the symbolization that the Carters used through out their show.  A cross wedged between their pictures on the jumbo screen, signified that they understood they needed a power greater their own to sustain their marriage and family. At least that’s my interpretation.  I’m glad they worked though their issues and remain a solid unit because it sure has made for some good music.  Myself along with many others stood up on our feet and danced all night. Might as well been karaoke night the way we were singing along, except we had the real thing.

When I grow up, I want to ascribe to the same level of pettiness  as Beyonce.  She sat at the edge of the stage and sang in the most angelic voice while shading the heck out of “Becky with the good hair” for interfering with her marriage.We were there for it too – hanging on to every run and riff while simultaneously yelling, yasss, bish!  Jay-Z demonstrated why he’s still one of the dopest MC’s in the game.  One of the many highlights after he performed “Black Effect” was the crowd raising their fists in the air while yelling “I’m good on any MLK Boulevard” – that spoke to my soul. I enjoyed watching  Jay-Z in his element. It’s clear he won’t be retiring the mic no time soon. Shucks, I wouldn’t  be surprised to see Jay-Z rocking the mic at 70 with Bey right beside him still trying to shake a leg. Not because they need the money, but simply because of their love of the craft. Shout out to the skilled musicians of the night – that horn section was nice! The lady on the bass guitar straight killed it and the sister on the drums. 


JayZ, Beyonce, OTRII

They ran through their greatest hits and in between acts we were gifted with short films of them on the run and of their beautiful family.  See the way my mind works, I’m going to need a full On The Run Movie, I’m just saying – I got questions.  The concert was worth the drive.  My three takeaways are: one, you don’t always get to choose your for better or worse in marriage;  two, when you put out good quality products, the reward is longevity and strong unmatched brand support; third, authenticity is the best currency in a world full of copycats. 


Life while short can still be beautiful. Go to that concert, shoot your shot, get out of that box! 



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