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Taylor Gordon “The Pocket Queen” : Literally Marching To The Beat Of Her Own Drum


I was casually strolling on my timeline and noticed a young woman getting down on the drums, I’m talking about straight killing it. So me, being the inquisitive blogger that I am, clicked on her profile.   It was at that moment, that I entered into what I would describe as “rhythm heaven”.  I love live music. I appreciate skilled musicians that have truly mastered their craft. Ms. Taylor Gordon “The Pocket Queen” has done that. She is also a producer and writer. You have to check her out.

If you are an aspiring drummer or even an accomplished drummer she is one to study. However,  I will note that If you are an accomplished drummer you probably already know about her.  She plays with so much passion and reminds me of the great Shelia E. She has performed with several influential music artists such as Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Musiq Soulchild and many more.

Taylor, Gordon, The, Pocket, Queen, Drummer
Photo: Soul Saviness

I also enjoyed reading about her brand story. In it, she mentioned how she got so busy on tour and had not really spent much time promoting herself.  She had also been supportive of other bands and businesses during that time as well. So, at the suggestion of her father, she started recording and consistently posting her practice session videos.  From this decision thousands of people have been introduced to The Pocket Queen.

Taylor Gordon also offers affordable lessons via the  Patron Platform.   Lessons/subscription start at $10 per month,  which includes “unlimited access to a weekly library” covering the following:

  • Groove Breakdowns (of songs she’s covered)
  • Drum setup/tuning/performance tips
  • Taylor’s theories on groove
  • Drum licks/chops
  • Interviews/ product reviews
  • Video/Recording Technique

-Taylor Gordon / Patron

Taylor Gordon is a female artist in a male dominated field  and is straight clearing the lane,  for that I am truly inspired!

Peep some of her work here. 

Check out her dope interview with Soul Saviness 



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