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#RHOA: Season 11, Episode 3 Recap ‘A New Addition’

Y’all, I know I’m a lil’ late with this RHOA recap. But, I’m here… 🙂 Lissen! This season is flat, and I really feel like we need a complete revamp, minus Shamari. Lemme say this, the woman is delusional. If she Bravo tapped her for Real Housewives of Atlanta because of Blaque, we really have a problem. We all know that the only reason she’s been given this chance is because of Ronnie of Bell, Biv, Devoe. She needs to stop playing. But, chile, lemme tell ya! Eva Marcille constantly…

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[#RHOA] Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 11, Episode 2 Recap ‘South Peach’

Is this Real Housewives of Atlanta or Porsha & Friends Show? Mama sho’ gettin’ a lot of camera time. As a matter of fact, it all seems to be centered around Ms. Porsha Williams, these first two episodes. Porsha uses her boyfriend’s toothbrush: First off, why are Porsha and Dennis sharing toothbrushes? Homeboy wasn’t with that ish on camera, lmaooo! Baaabbbiiieee, he was not about that life. I mean, she was legit running around looking for it. Talk’n bout she uses it all the time. Lissen, just cuz you swap…

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What About Your Friends?

According to both Porsha and Phaedra allegedly, Kandi shared some  of her sweetness in the bedroom with another woman during a threesome.  How solid is your friendship? Do you and your home girl fall out frequently? If so, you may want to be careful about what you share. Social Media makes fall outs so messy.  Apparently for some, the loyalty ends once the friendship is over. Read the entire story over at Essence.com Source: Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks Claim Kandi Burruss Had a Threesome with Another Woman | Essence.com…

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