Thank You

[OPINION] After reading Dr. King’s letter from the Birmingham jail,  I began to think about current day events.  We have been conditioned to believe that the threat to our quest for equality is our inability to  stop killing one another.  While  crime committed within the community should be addressed and taken very seriously; there is something that exists that is  a greater threat.  His letter speaks directly to that threat, ” I started thinking about the fact that I stand in the middle of two opposing forces in the Negro…

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My Story Part III

“Say something bitch, yeah I got the knife now.” The words rang loud as I lay pinned down to the ground, while my son’s father straddled me.  His sweat dripped onto my face as his dark brown eyes filled with rage, pierced my soul.   As my back touched the warm sand, it seemed as if my heart was beating a thousand beats per minute. Through my tears I asked him, so you’re just going to do this? So you’re just going kill me in front of my son, because he…

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Five Healthy Way to Move Beyond a Bad Break-up

Break-up’s suck! There is just no fancy way of saying it. Even if the decision was a mutual one, they still suck. The longer the relationship, the tougher it seems. Moving on eventually happens, but sometimes it seems like it takes forever. Often times when relationships end you go through the cycle of grief without even realizing it.   You toss and turn at night playing the scene over and over in your mind, wondering if you could have done or said something different.  One night I was trying to gain…

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Eventually They Grow Up

Good morning, I hope your week has gotten off to a great start. This past Mother’s Day, all of my children and grandchildren were home.  My children cooked me breakfast and we all just sat around talking and laughing. Then it hit me, in August of this year I will be home alone. My youngest graduates high school this year and then will head off to college; my oldest daughter will be have moved into her own place and my son has a family of his own to care for. …

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