Monday & Co.’s Cowork Pop- Up Event – Atlanta

Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a Cowork Pop-up Event at Monday & Co “located in Atlanta, in the historic Old Fourth Ward near MLK Park.”  The event was hosted by CEO, Candice VanWye and COO, Michelle Benjamin of  Brown Girl Bloggers. I have attended several conferences, but this was my first “cowork” type of event.  We were met with a well-appointed workspace, hot coffee and a delicious assortment of pastries; lunch was also provided.  Creatives were encouraged to bring their own equipment. Each working space seated four people and was equipped with electrical outlets.  As a…

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Are You Committed Financially to Your Dream of Starting A Business?

Are you making your dream of starting a business a financial priority?  When you are strapped for cash, making  your dreams a priority can seem almost impossible. Or, maybe you’re not strapped for cash, but your discretionary income is tied up in non essentials purchases. For every thought you have about investing in your dream, a bill is there as a subtle reminder of life’s responsibilities.  Or maybe it’s that cute pair of shoes you have had your eyes on. It’s not impossible, in most cases you have to shift…

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