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[SPONSORED POST] Four Tips When Buying Plus Size Lingerie


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Lately, many of my supporters have been getting their life with, a plus size lingerie line for all of us kurvie ladies.

Since I’ve been fat all my life (LMAOOOOO!), I have learned to accept my curves. With that, comes with knowing how to shop for lingerie looks that fit my body type.

Here are a few tips that will help you, when purchasing your plus size lingerie.

  1. Embrace the Rolls: Girl, them rolls just won’t disappear fast enough. Trust me, I sure as hell know. Even with diet and exercise that extra fat, especially the back fat, is stubborn and takes time to leave and that’s OK. When shopping for lingerie, just accept the flaws. There’s no sense in buying it, if you’re not going to be confident. when you wear it.
  2. Set that FUPA OWT!: Many lingerie pieces don’t necessarily cover up the FUPA–area sits over your va jay jay. As a matter of fact, it is very noticeable and you can’t hide it. Listen, set that thang OWT and serve it on a platter. Besides, it’s a good headrest for when yo boo is doing their thang. Hell, they know you have one.
  3. Warm UP: When getting dressed and ready to have a romantic evening, listen to some nice music, light some candles, and take your time. Lean into your femininity and treat ya’self. It’ll help your confidence, while you’re getting ready to do yo thang!
  4. Sizing chart: OK, be sure to look at the size chart, before purchasing. We are all made of different shapes and sizes and will look very different in attire. Be sure to check out the sizing chart so you won’t be disappointed.

While you’re reading, be sure to head over to Tomorrow (10.19.2019) is Customer Appreciation day and select items will be on sale.

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