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[Sponsored Post] Four Reasons you Should Shop Kurvie Krush


Lingerie is one of those thangs that you may buy for your significant other. Lately, I have been enjoying it for myself.

When it comes to healing and self love, you essentially put the energy you gave someone else back into yourself.

Date night, anniversary, or just feeling a lil frisky, we tend to celebrate our significant others with a nice sexy sheer top, thongs, or simply nothing at all.

While that’s cute, it’s time to celebrate your being and you can do so with Kurvie Krush.

  1. The lingerie line has a variety of styles to choose from. From 2-pieces to cute thongs, kurvie women have something to choose from.
  2. Sometimes shopping for plus size lingerie can be discouraging because it looks bland and boring. But Kurvie Krush has up-to-date styles.
  3. The prices are affordable. Where else can you go to get plus size lingerie for $20? Some sets are a bit more but you won’t break the bank.
  4. The line encourages you to embrace your rolls, stomach, and all. It also reminds us that we can look good in the process.

Don’t hesitate to show yourself some love. Visit and purchase something sexy and take a hot bath, listening to some Ari Lennox.

Thank me later.

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