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Social Media: It Was Consuming Me, I Wasn’t Consuming It


As a blogger  finding a healthy dose of social media consumption was a must.  Social Media is a tool that I use in my  line of work, so to turn away from it completely was unrealistic- that is until I can afford to hire on a staff of amazing content specialist.  Social Media had become unappealing because I found myself reacting  and processing a lot of negativity.  I also noticed that I started sounding like a parrot and my original thoughts didn’t seem so well,  original.

To find that balance, unfollowing some and following others was helpful.  I had to train myself  not to respond to everything that I read. This was hard at times because the ignorance that floats around on the internet is astounding,  so to say nothing allowed that ignorance to remain. However, I was  reminded  that if you keep putting out all of those little fires, when the four alarm fire hits – the one that can do the most damage, you won’t have any water left to fight it.


The mute button has been my absolute friend because there is nothing worse than having an unpopular opinion on a hot topic thread and every one celebrates the author’s clap back towards you instead  of engaging in a healthy dialogue about the subject.    Me being the over analyzing person that I am, would go down the rabbit hole in my thoughts and then boom, I would have an attitude.   Social Media beefs can get ugly real quick especially if there are “stans” involved. It amazes me how hard and disrespectful people would become over someone they have never met a day in their lives. I mean, they turned into real keyboard gangsters.

I’m not going to even get into the number watching  ( likes, unfollows, views, etc),  thankfully I have been delivered from that.  I have learned that If people like you or your content they will support  you accordingly.  There is truly no need to stress about it.

Reducing and being intentional about what I ingest helps me protect my authenticity and sanity.  Everything I entertain is a seed and the potential to bear fruit, I’m mindful of this when on social media.

So now, I consume wisely, follow and unfollow with purpose, mute those aggy AF users of social media and I love it


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