Social Media Commentary Hot Takes: Deborah Cox and Tamia, Mannie Fresh, Jhaunta Auston, NEYO, and the CARES Act,Entertainment Music New 

Social Media Commentary Hot Takes: Deborah Cox and Tamia, Mannie Fresh, Johnta Austin, NEYO, and the CARES Act,


Deborah Cox, Tamia and Shep Crawford set the internet ablaze with their cover of Whitney Houston and CeCe Winan’s “Count on Me”. The song can be likened to a balm for the weary soul.  It was nice hearing Canadian song birds Tami and Deborah Cox share their gifts once more.

Deborah Cox and Tamia cover “Count on Me”

Mannie Fresh did the darn thing on his Instagram live. He truly represented for the south on his DJ set. D-Nice set if off and had the world jamming to his live sessions last week. Mannie Fresh brought us that Nawlins bounce along with many other classics.  Johnta Austin and Neyo had a battle of the pen. Both treated fans to hits that spanned decades.  Who knew that music would be the string that kept us all  together during these trying times.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has shaken America to its core. On Friday, March 28th, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) was signed into law. Americans, smalls businesses and large corporations can expect some form of relief.


  • The bill provides funding for $1,200 tax rebates to individuals, with additional $500 payments per qualifying child. The rebate begins phasing out when incomes exceed $75,000 (or $150,000 for joint filers).
  • Temporarily suspends payments for federal student loans
  • Revises provisions related to campus-based aid, supplemental educational-opportunity grants, federal work-study, subsidized loans, Pell grants, and foreign institutions.
  • The bill also authorizes the Department of the Treasury to temporarily guarantee money-market funds.

Small Businesses

  • Establishes, and provides funding for, forgivable bridge loans
  • Provides additional funding for grants and technical assistance
  • The bill establishes limits on requirements for employers to provide paid leave.

Large Corporations

  • Establishes special rules for certain tax-favored withdrawals from retirement plans
  • Delays due dates for employer payroll taxes and estimated tax payments for corporations
  • Revises other provisions, including those related to losses, charitable deductions, and business interest


  • Provides additional funding for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of COVID-19
  • Limits liability for volunteer health care professionals
  • Prioritizes Food and Drug Administration (FDA) review of certain drugs
  • Allows emergency use of certain diagnostic tests that are not approved by the FDA
  • Expands health-insurance coverage for diagnostic testing and requires coverage for preventative services and vaccines
  • Revises other provisions, including those regarding the medical supply chain, the national stockpile, the health care workforce, the Healthy Start program, telehealth services, nutrition services, Medicare, and Medicaid.

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