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Six Things to do Before Releasing a Book


As a published author of four books and my most recent one, “Girl, Keep Going: Healing is now in Session, landing the #1 spot in new releases in the Self-Help category and #9 in Best – Sellers, I have gained a ton of knowledge in this self-publishing world.

I’ve received a ton of questions from marketing to how to get started. Here are a few tips that I would love to share with you, while you get started:

  1. Why do you wanna write a book? Your why? will determine the tone of your message and how it will resonate with your audience. Are you creating awareness about a certain issue? Beyond inspiration, what else are you providing? Are you telling people what to do or how to do it? This is the most important aspect of the book.
  2. Determine your format: I’ve only written short stories as e-books. My current book is the first book that I’ll have a digital, physical, and audio copy for. I’m releasing them in phases. This determines your cost, turn-around time. Two things that are just as important as your ‘why?’.
  3. How are you gonna build your audience? Being authentic has always worked better for me. I find that people enjoy my entire process. If this is a personal book, talk about the personal incident that inspired you to share your story. You don’t have to overshare (I’ve done that, before, lmao!), but you should be transparent. Documenting gives you more of a real-time and believable vibe. Anything else seems too curated, robotic, and may taint the purpose of the book.
  4. Make an outline: You’ll have a lot of thoughts. So, you should keep them organized. This outline should explain who, what, when, where, why, and how. This keeps it simple.
  5. Invest! My first three books, I only invested in a cover. But, this book I have a creative brand strategist, graphic designer, project manager, editor, and a publicist. You may not need all of this, depending on your intent. But, get you an editor, PUH-LEZE! You won’t catch everything, no matter how strong of a writer you are. You’d be surprised how far a few edits can go.
  6. Let your soul lead you: Write what you feel and own it. There’s no wrong or right way to tell your story. Just make sure it’s yours.

If you’re interested in receiving a consultation, send me an email at I only have four spots available for next week. Let me help you share your story with the world.

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