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She Ready: Get To Know Some of the Black Women Running for Office in Florida


She Ready- get to know some of the black women running for office in the great state of Florida.  I was very inspired by Kesha Lance – Bottoms successful bid for Mayor of Atlanta, GA. Furthermore, the more I began to dig, I started to find other success stories of African-American women running for office and winning.  So, I got to thinking about who’s running in my state – Florida. I wasn’t aware of any resources were  I could readily access this information. That is until,  Awesomely Luvvie partnered with Higher Heights and shared their hard work on the “#Black Women Lead ” campaign.

Higher Heights is a campaign that “seeks to elevate Black women’s voices to shape and advance progressive policies and politics. By strengthening Black women’s civic participation in grassroots advocacy campaigns and the electoral process; Higher Heights for America will create the environment in which more Black women, and other candidates who are committed to advance policies that affect Black women, can be elected to public office”.

Black women about the business of the people is a voice that’s desperately needed in our political space.  Especially with an unequipped, unqualified, and hateful administration pretending to lead this country at the moment.   Browse the women running for office in the State of Florida here.  I’m exited to see the women running for election and re-election in my home state. If you know someone that is  and don’t appear on the list, please add them.

Okay ladies now lets get in formation.  Update any information regarding your voter registration. Check your polling location and  research your candidates.  Your voice is your vote.

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