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Sexologist Talks Love, Intimacy and Heating things up in the Bedroom


Counseling, Love, Relationships, Couples, sexologist

Jack and Jill Adult Store hosted, board certified sexologist, Susan Ruth Freedman of A New Tomorrow Counseling. Yup you read it right, but don’t judge me. Read the entire story.

Now, I’ll be honest I didn’t know what to expect. However, I can say  that I’m glad I attended.  Get your minds out of the gutter it wasn’t that type of party… LOL.  Those in attendance were treated to a bag filled with goodies along with a  $50 gift card to the store.

During our  45 minute session, Susan covered some very valuable information such as, how to build a stronger emotional and physical connection with your partner, learning your partners “Love Language”, using toys and fantasy play in the bedroom to spice up your sex life, how to become more sexually compatible with your partner.

I particularly loved the discussion around Gary Chapman’s  “The Five Love Languages”.  If you aren’t familiar with them  they are, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time and Physical Touch.  Taking the time to understand your mates love language can breathe longevity, understanding, and life into once thought to be dead places in a relationship.  I am going to put this one on my must read list ASAP!

My second favorite topic was  “How to become more Sexually Compatible with your Partner”.  I always thought about compatibility being something you gauged in the beginning of a relationship. However, Susan provided some very valuable information that can be used any time during the course of a relationship. Such as, communicating your preferences, desires and fantasies, making eye contact when making love, relaxing your body when making love and going slow, eliminating judgment and having mutual consent, being willing to experiment with new ways to play in the bedroom, not settling just for sexual gratification and not making orgasms the only goal, and if there are any sexual concerns, dysfunctions, past traumas seek counseling with a certified sex therapist.

We also had the opportunity to sample some sexy bedroom gadgets. Yass!!!   I understand that for some,  even venturing into an adult toy store can be somewhat controversial. However, if your partner is open to it, then slowly introducing things to spice up the action in the bedroom may not be such a bad idea. There is no need to sneak into the store dressed like the cat burglar. You are not committing a crime. Too often this topic is treated as one of taboo, and it doesn’t deserve to be.

Well, that’s all folks. I’m about to dig into this gift bag. Wishing you much peace, love and joy in your relationships. xoxo


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