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Save Yourself: Other People are not Your Responsibility


Our lives are only a reflection of our vantage point, of where we can see ourselves. Essentially, you won’t be able to accomplish anything that you can’t imagine.

Limited beliefs and/or ability comes from our lack of—exposure, experience, and faith.

Imagine meeting someone who has limited beliefs and trying to expose them to another lifestyle. No matter how much they may want to grow, this will be a challenge. 

This person may even attempt to go through the motion, learn, and grow to a certain capacity. But, because it is new and unknown, fear eventually comes in and self sabotage starts to happen.

When that happens, it hinders everything that could’ve been. This is ultimately why trying to show people a new life won’t work unless they’re fully committed.

Sometimes people can’t convince themselves to see the greatness in who they are.

Save yourself the trouble and respect that you cannot save them. In the end, if they don’t appreciate what you’re showing them, you’ll be the only one invested and disappointed.

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2 Thoughts to “Save Yourself: Other People are not Your Responsibility”

  1. Awesome read…touched something in me…I’m taking heed!!!

    1. JanetMichelle

      Hey!! Thanks for stopping by. Glad you were able to gain something from it!!

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