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#RHOA: Season 11, Episode 3 Recap ‘A New Addition’


Y’all, I know I’m a lil’ late with this RHOA recap. But, I’m here… 🙂

Lissen! This season is flat, and I really feel like we need a complete revamp, minus Shamari. Lemme say this, the woman is delusional. If she Bravo tapped her for Real Housewives of Atlanta because of Blaque, we really have a problem. We all know that the only reason she’s been given this chance is because of Ronnie of Bell, Biv, Devoe. She needs to stop playing. But, chile, lemme tell ya!

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Eva Marcille constantly shading Cynthia Bailey & colorism joke:

This is the thang, it’s one thang to shade someone every now and again. But, it’s another thang to constantly do it just because. Eva is looking real immature and petty right now. Home girl is acting real Los Angeles right now.

Did something happen between Cynthia and Eva, and we haven’t seen it yet? I mean, I don’t see any reason for her to take all of the digs about a woman who is only older than her. Let’s be honest–Eva ain’t booked, booked. So, she needs to take a seat, because she is definitely considered ‘old,’ in this industry. She ain’t too far from being aged out.

With all of the pressure Black women have about getting older and not being of any use, after a certain age, it’s so wild to see her take those digs that ain’t nobody even asking for.

As far as the colorism joke about Shamea, I definitely ain’t here for that. Ya know,

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Source: BET

Gregg Leakes doctor visit:

We know Gregg had a surgery that removed the cancer, and chemo would be ideal to ensure that all of the cancer cells are gone. While I have heard chemo will take you down through there, I’m not understanding why Gregg wouldn’t just do a couple of rounds to ensure that it doesn’t come back. While the natural approach is respected and could work, I wish he go for what he knows and that’s chemo.

Lawd, when they went to commercial break playing the audio recording of him singing, “never give up/never give in,” I was to through. I hate to see the witty husband of RHOA vet in this state.

I appreciate the couple for their vulnerability, during this time. It’s more than we deserve.

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Kandi’s gossip session:

We all got that one friend that we gossip with. But, babbbiiieee, not in front of cameras. I guess Kandi doesn’t care how Porsha feels watching the show because she went all the way in. This is the messiest I’ve seen the mogul, lmaooo! I don’t think she was wrong in talking with Carmen. But, ol’ girl who used to be her friend, didn’t have to spill the lush like that. Nah, that wasn’t right.

Dennis seems to have a certain formula with his women–watches, prepared food, and tatts. The way producers edited that scene had me in stiches. I mean, everythang Porsha was telling her mama, Kandi and her folks were backing it up. Whew, lawd!

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Ronnie & Shemari:


I don’t even know where to start. From Shemari saying that Blaque is up there with XScape and New Edition to she and Ronnie acting like Jay Z and Beyonce, it was just a mess.

First off, Blaque only had two songs and I only remember the chorus to one. Secondly, the group ain’t the same without the rapper–may she rest in peaccond album was only released in Japan. If she don’t sit down somee. Thirdly, those outfits looked like they were still stuck in 2001. Hell, the sewhere…

Y’all for Ronnie to try to shade Kandi and XScape, while his wife’s group looking like they were just performing for America’s Got Talent, I’m not quite sure what to think. Furthermore, it ain’t like BBD were headlining anyway. They were opening for XScape. Baby, he should’ve just minded the business that pays him cuz this ain’t it.

As I stated, this season is blah. But, I’ll be back next week to talk about it.





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