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[#RHOA] Real Housewives of Atlanta: Season 11, Episode 2 Recap ‘South Peach’


Is this Real Housewives of Atlanta or Porsha & Friends Show? Mama sho’ gettin’ a lot of camera time. As a matter of fact, it all seems to be centered around Ms. Porsha Williams, these first two episodes.

Porsha uses her boyfriend’s toothbrush:

First off, why are Porsha and Dennis sharing toothbrushes? Homeboy wasn’t with that ish on camera, lmaooo! Baaabbbiiieee, he was not about that life. I mean, she was legit running around looking for it. Talk’n bout she uses it all the time.

Lissen, just cuz you swap bodily fluids with somebody doesn’t mean you need to share plaque from your teeth. Chile, I just don’t know ’bout this.

Marlo, Porsha, Real Housewives of Atlanta

Marlo’s Takeover:

Marlo Hampton has been a friend of the show foreva, seven seasons to be exact. But, she moves as an official peach holder. Nah, she ain’t even official but had the gaul to not only complain about her free room that had an elevator in it, but she also took over Porsha’s suite. Nah, really? Baby, if Eva and Cynthia don’t be careful, Marlo gon’ get more camera time than the both of them combined.

But, did y’all hear Nene tell Marlo that she grew up in the projects and shouldn’t have a problem with her room? I HOWLED!!

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Porsha & Marlo Reconciles:

Last season, these two weren’t on friendly terms. Marlo being an antagonizer really tried Porsha a lot, last season. From talking about her doormat to following her around at the Halloween costume, she was really stirring the pot. So, to see them overcome that and start over is very refreshing.

I am so glad to see that Porsha was able to handle Marlo’s takeover spirt, by wearing her designer clothes and breaking the tension with a few jokey jokes.

Supporting Nene:

I am so glad that Go Naked Hair owner organized this surprise, in support of Nene. The veteran Housewife needed the support of her girls.

The fact that Gregg was still there with his wife, despite his health battle, speaks volumes. While he overexerted himself, I am glad that he was telling joked by the end of the day. We all love Gregg.

This episode was flat. But, maybe next week we’ll get some excitement. Porsha and Dennis being the entire storyline is wearing me thin, chile.

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