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Release What You Can’t Fix


Often times, we have situations that we lose sleep over, cry about, analyze, and continually search for answers. Why? Because whatever the situation is, it is important to us and we can’t let it go. Not realizing that letting go is the only way to get what we want.

Releasing thangs back into the Universe is hard as hell, especially, when love, friendship, and careers are what you have to relinquish control over. 

You decide to believe in something and dedicate time to it, but it doesn’t working out. The terrible thang is that you can’t fix it. No amount of apologies, prayers, or sacrifices would actually change the outcome. 

Accept what happened, embrace your emotions behind what happened, acknowledge the situation, categorize your feelings, and continue with life.

Over time, your body will tell you, “Listen. We’ve been here long enough & nothing is happening. Forgive yourself and move forward.”

When this happens, trust me it will, understand that the Universe is really tryna give you what you truly desire because this situation, in its current state, no longer serves you.

Whether you’ll get the same person with a new attitude, same career but better position, or something/someone entirely different is unknown. But, you won’t get anything new, until you release the old and cultivate a healthier lifestyle.

Find you some good trap meditation music and let it sooth your soul. Better yet, deal with the ugly truths you have been able to hide for so long. Prepare the environment you want to live in. 

Put it on the altar, give it to the Universe. Whatever you do, let the situation end and let God bless you. Sometimes thangs truly have to fix themselves.

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