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Racism: Do Black People Have Any More Fight In Them?


In a perfect world, racism would be absent, black people would be respected and everyone would be prospering.

Racism,Blacks, War
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However, current day events remind us, that we are not in a perfect world.   Racism is a dark, ugly, and brutal part of America. Racism supports the idea that black people can be disrespected to the point of death. Often the thought occurs that, if black bodies being strung from trees and babies being ripped out of their mothers womb as their bodies hung, didn’t propel black people to annihilate any white racist in sight, then I’m not sure  what will?   Furthermore, men, women and children are being shot down in the streets, murdered in cold blood; black bodies keep the modern day prison slave system alive and pumping and racism fuels all of these  disgusting atrocities.

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Stokley Carmichael

A word of caution, racist white people know that they will one day be the minority in this country. In 2014, the Census Bureau released data supporting this fact.  People who fear losing power only go on to become more barbaric with their acts. What we are seeing now will only get worse.

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Consider these facts:

  • In 2014, minority babies outnumbered white babies by about 16,000, and in 2015 the difference was about 12,000, according to the agency’s estimates. -Census Bureau
  •  U.S. population, non-Hispanic whites will cease to be the majority group by 2044, according to Census Bureau projections, or by 2055, according to Pew Research Center projections.
  • Racial and ethnic minorities have accounted for most of the nation’s growth in recent decades. The non-Hispanic white population has grown too, but not as quickly. – Pew Research Center

Furthermore, people please understand, when you have  a government in place that upholds and supports racism, racist become even more emboldened to  inflict even more terror.  I thought about this and wondered, do we as blacks have any more fight in us?  Are we truly ready to die the for the cause and send a strong message that we will no longer tolerate the disrespect?  Moreover, being peaceful, civil, praying and voting will not work.

Racism, Black, Women, Men
Added information: Fight between Ali and Chuvalo took place May 1, 1972 at the Pacific Coliseum
FILE PHOTO – Muhammad Ali pounds George Chuvalo during a fight in Vancouver sometime in the 1960s. (Photo: Ralph Bower/Vancouver Sun) [PNG Merlin Archive]
There are times when you have to punch the bully in the mouth and racism is that bully.  Yet I ask, do  blacks have any fight left in them. Do we truly carry the spirit of our ancestors of the Zanj Rebellion, The Haitian Revolution,  The Baptist War, Gaspar Yang’s Rebellion, Nat Turner and more?  At every turn they were fighting colonialism wrapped in racism.  They had  decided that enough was enough.

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Moreover, holding hands  while  singing we shall over come, gathering at memorials to shed tears over those who have died at the hands of racist, creating hash tag, after hash tag in memory of the deceased, blocking traffic with fists raised in the air has become to common place. Furthermore, the desire for wealth and the illusion of inclusion at the cost accepting disrespect is a recipe for failure.

There is a time for peace and there is a time for war, be still and listen and you will know what season we are in.  Yet I ask again, do black people have any more fight in them?

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