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R. Kelly Supporters: Admit you Don’t Mind Black Girls or Women Being Victimized cuz you Don’t Care ‘Bout us


Social media is very telling. Sure! You post memes that sound good. It doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily talking about your life. But, when you post opinions about certain situations, that can’t be disputed.

It’s easy for the FB community to tell if you’re trash, tolerable of trash behavior, and/or just a sad individual.

For instance, R.Kelly has been arrested three times within the last few months, most recently The Pide Piper was arrested last night. With a 13-count indictment, on his head, the 52-year old was arrested, while walking his dog.

Per usual, Black folks, especially Black women, were up in arms, making excuses and expressing their concerns about a conspiracy, one that doesn’t even exist. 

Besides, who the hell is dude that someone has to set him up? Seriously?! Y’awl can’t be for real.

Since the Lifetime special Surviving R.Kelly, it seems the world homeboy once knew is no more. Between arrests for child support and two sexually assault cases, thangs ain’t looking to good for ya boy. Not to mention that wild interview, where he was completely unhinged.

Let’s be honest, we’ve heard and legit knew that R.Kelly had a thang for young girls. Hell, his annulled marriage to Aaliyah was all we needed to confirm these thangs.

What I don’t understand is why Black girls aren’t given the same space we give wypipo. Blacks are so forgiving and understanding, when it comes to the way they dress, act, and even treat us. But, when it comes to giving our own the same grace, we don’t do that. 

Black girls can’t even be a part of a majorette dance team without being sexualized. If a young lady is dating an older man, somehow she’s fast and it’s her fault he manipulated her. Yet and still there are women 30+ who get manipulated by grown men daily—paying his bills, co-signing for cars, giving him somewhere to stay—yet we expect teens to know better.

Oh! Let’s not forget the countless of white counterparts who dated young women and how that’s brought up.

Newsflash! R. Kelly ain’t white and this ain’t about them. Also, we gotta protect our own. That’s what y’awl say any other time.

So, because Elvis didn’t go to jail for victimizing a young white girl, that means no other person who does should be brought to justice? Phuck no!

Yes! The system is flawed, but that doesn’t negate the fact that this man allegedly assaulted countless of young women.

As far as the parents of these girls, I do believe some of them basically sold their daughters to this man. But, that doesn’t change the fact he bought them. Should they be held accountable? Absolutely. But, that’s hard to prove when disguised as mentorship.

Let’s not even mention how molestation is normalized and swept under the rug, in our community. How instead of teaching boys not to violate girls, instead young girls are taught not to be heaux and not to dress half naked.

What the hell are you teaching your sons, besides subjugation and entitlement?

We already have a problem in our community with holding Black men accountable for any damn thang and I believe this is the root issue.

Whatever they don’t do, it’s always the Black woman’s fault. Our brothas really don’t have to own shit. There’s always a pick me or a bottom bish somewhere ready to save them.

I’m convinced this is why Black girls and women will never be given any understanding. Our culture has normalized misogynistic bullshit, not even including society as a whole, we don’t stand a chance. Either everythang is our fault and/or we should understand the stress of the Black man and his behavior is always excused.

I just don’t understand why people just don’t admit that R.Kelly is a problematic fave of theirs without discounting the trauma of others. It’s totally possible to do.

Black girls and women aren’t allowed to be human. We’re not protected and we have to prove our worth in order to be loved. When will our own start thinking more of us besides baby factories and superwomen? When? May we have a little empathy and understanding puh-lease? Just a smidge. Y’awl are killing us out here, literally!

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