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Wow! Yea, that pretty much describes my April. The ultimate highlight though, was the birth of my grandson. We were all awaiting his arrival into the world.   He decided to grace us with his presence two weeks early. Witnessing the birth of my grandchildren has been a very beautiful and might I even say Godly experience.    Watching my son cry was a very powerful moment for me. It was as if, everything in life suddenly made sense to him. The look of astonishment and joy in his eyes was a beautiful sight to behold.  He shared at that moment, that he had prayed for his son since his conception and thanked God that he was born healthy.

Days later I began to think about why people use the analogy of someone having a “baby” when they are in the process of bringing a dream or goal to pass.  Because just like with a baby, when you have a dream or vision, you have to protect it in its infancy; you have to pray over it, and you and have to have people that will help you birth it and bring it to life.  It takes a lot hard work, dedication, preparation, separation, and even the changing of diets and habits in some cases. You have to remain focused and bring in any specialist as needed. Once born, you continue nurture and expand on your vision.

I was reminded to not give up and that the fruit of my labor will be on the other side of that last push.

Enjoy the rest of your week.  Stay focused and determined.

Janet Michelle

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