episode 12 nona barnes, ceo 9nine86 jewelry and gifts

On Episode 12 Janet Michelle Interviews Nona Barnes, CEO of 9Nine86 Gifts and More.  Instead of being consumed by grief listen as Nona shares her story of how tragedy birthed a renewed sense of purpose in her life.

To see more of Nona’s work check her out on Instagram @9nine86 or visit her Etsy Shop by clicking the shop here button below. 

Episode 11 sarah elizabeth moore, city council candidate district 7, st. petersburg, florida

The future is now! In Episode 11 Janet Michelle Interviews Sarah Elizabeth Moore, City Council Candidate for District 7, St. Petersburg, Florida. Listen in as Sarah shares her inspiration for running for office. As well provide greater insight into her platform.  

For more information  you can visit Sarah’s Page  Facebook.com/sarah4seven and Website  sarahelizabethmoore.com


Episode 10 taliah dancil, chop jr winner, model and actress

On this episode, Janet Michelle Interviews Taliah Dancil. Taliah is a  Chop Jr Winner, Model and Actress. She has  a love for food and modeling and is ready to make her mark on the world. This podcast is also available at Google Play and Apple Podcast.



On this episode, Janet Michelle Interviews JaMiah Dancil, CEO of MiaJay Foods. Busuness family, being mindful about what you consume, spices, we talk about it all. Dowload the podcast today. Available on Google Play, Apple Podcasts and Sound Cloud.

Follow MiaJay Foods on instagram and Facebook @miahjayfoods

Episode 8 Bolaji Ajike, ceo of afroganix

Bolaji, Ajike, Afroganix

Janet Michelle interviews Bolaji Ajike, CEO of Afroganix – Black Multi-vendor Marketplace.  During our interview we discuss the platform, black businesses, entrepenuer and consumer education.  Black people have tremendous spending power. According to Neilsen, that number now hovers around 1.2 Trillion dollars.  

Episode 7 Anne Hirsh | City council candidate district 5, St. Petersburg, Florida

Anne, Hirsch, City, Council, District, 5

Janet Michelle Interviews Anne Hirsh, a candidate for City Council Representative, District 5 in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Anne is a Social Activist and member of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. She is also a Midwifery Practitioner. For more information about her platform, please visit www.votehirsh.com. Voting takes place on August 27th. 

episode 6 eritha akile' cainion | city council candidate district 7, St. Petersburg, Florida

Eritha, Akile, Cainion, City, Council, District 7

Janet Michelle interviews Eritha Akile’ Cainion, a candidate for City Council Representative District 7 in St. Peterburg, Florida. Eritha is the Director of Agitation and Propaganda of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) and the Editor-in-Chief of The Burning Spear newspaper. For more information on her platform please visit www.voteakile.com. Voting takes place on August 27th. 


Episode 5 creating healthy boundaries in relationships

Chivon, Cowert

Episode 5 , Creating Healthy Boundaries in Relationships, hears from registered Clinical Social Worker and Certified Life Coach Chivon Cowart.  Not having boundaries in a realtionship presents its own set of problems. Having boundaries can and do encourage healthy relationships. 

Episode 4 #SurvivingSexualTrauma

Surviving, sexual, trauma

The aftermath of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly Docu-series is astounding. For many the magnitude of his sickness  was unbearable and calls for justice have rung loudly from one corner of the country to the other.

Episode 4 , Surviving Sexual Trauma hears from Licensed Professional Counselor, and CEO of First Love Yourself Counseling (F.L.Y. )  Essence Cohen-Fields and Educator and Business Owner of Level 8 Agency – A Digital Design Firm, Bianca Goolsby.  Listen in as we take a moment  and discuss how to recognize patterns and signs of abuse, tools to use while in recovery and self care. 

During the podcast, Essence shared an awesome resource. Click the button below to purchase  I Will Survive: The African-American Guide to Healing from Sexual Assault and Abuse by Lori S. Robinson.


Neat, Health, Tiffanie, Walton
Neat, Health, Tiffanie, Walton
Tiffanie Walton, RN, and CEO of Neat Health Services, LLC

In episode three we hear Tiffanie Walton, RN, and CEO of Neat Health Services LLC. Tiffanie is also the Author of  A Caregivers Guide for Deciding on both Long and Shortrerm Facility Admissions. We discuss PrEp the HIV prevention medication, as well how education can help in closing medical gaps of care along with several other topics.  Catch the interview here.

Essence, Cohen, Licensed, Counselor
Essence, Cohen, Licensed, Counselor
Essence Cohen-Fields, Licensed Professional Counselor

Episode two features Essence Cohen-Fields, Licensed Professional Counselor.  Essence is the CEO of First Love Yourself Counseling (FLY) located in the great state of Pennsylvania. FLY Counseling offers treatment in the following areas:

Abuse- emotional, financial, sexual

Blended Family Bonding


Environmental Trauma- accidents, natural disasters

Grief and loss

Parent-Child Bonding

Racial Discrimination


Work and career

Essence is also the author of A Lesson On How To Fly: Understanding the Correlation between Self-love, Healing, and Personal Success. 

Coleen Otero, Beauty and Branding Expert
“A millennial entrepreneur builds a 6-figure brand after losing it all in the recession
During the 2008 recession, Coleen Otero lost 4 properties, 3 cars, 2 businesses and countless friends. With her 4 children and husband, they had to move in with family to start all over. What was only supposed to be 2 months of hardship, turned into 2 years.
Quickly, her pity party became a planning party. Coleen and her husband spent countless nights at the bookstore learning how to rebuild their family.
This millennial entrepreneur created a 6-figure business as a beauty and branding expert. Now, she’s released her first book Brand to Bucks, where she shares five no-nonsense success strategies how to master, market and monetize your brand.”
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