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Paperless Post: Never Forget Greeting Cards Again and Save the Enviornment​ in the Process


Paperless Post, never forget the greeting cards again and save the planet in the process. If you are like me, the person that purchases gifts, but forgets the cards, then you will love Paperless Post. The opportunity to try out the digital greeting card services platform came just at the right time. I had a few people that needed some words of encouragement and admonishment, so a card from Paperless Post was perfect.  I have used similar types of digital card services in the past with very little success.  However, Paperless Post this was not the case.

Paperless, Post, Digital, Cards,

For starters,  I really liked the ease of access and card selection flow.  Card categories were not overwhelming and nicely organized.  Wedding invitations, just because cards, flyers, stationary the choices are endless. The design selections were plentiful as well, plus  they looked current and trendy. As a woman of color some of the categories offered illustrations featuring people that looked like me, which I truly appreciated. Customization of the cards was a fairly straight forward process. From fonts, backgrounds, and envelop styles,  to response cards,  envelope stamps and messages all were were customizable.  If I needed to send my card to more than one person, Paperless Post allowed CSV and VCT files. 

Wedding, Paperless, Post, Digital, Cards

Payment was made via coin purchase.  Cards had a base coin cost and to add extra features sometimes required additional coins; however, there were plenty of free card options.  To my fellow busy bee’s, if you are looking for an alternative to paper cards and want to do something nice for the environment, I encourage you to try Paperless Post. Digital cards allows one to eliminate waste and hold on to precious memories. Okay enough of the save the earth stuff. No, but seriously Paperless Post is a wonderful option.

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