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(#girlkeepgoing) Happy, Hurting, & Healing—I Didn’t Love Myself…Enough

Welp, last time I got this transparent is when I posted about choosing myself and how it sucks. At that time, I was moderately depressed and crying daily. My mind raced constantly, non-stop. Depression had me stuck for three whole months. I barely worked, went out, or even did anything. The one thang I made sure to do was write. If there’s one thang I can do, no matter how I feel, that is journal. I can always journal. At this point, I have gained clarity—so much clarity. I have…

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10 Signs That You Have Lost Your Sense of Self Love When In A Relationship

Everyone moves differently in relationships. One thing is certain though, someone is always paying attention. Often times it’s because of others that we realize we have fallen off.  Falling down will happen, just be sure to get back up with a plan to stay up!  Ten signs that you have lost your sense of self-love in a relationship. 1. Your compromise makes you question your character. You’re doing things that were once non-negotiables for you, but they won’t do the same for you. 2. You accept open disrespect. Paying more…

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#girlkeepgoing: Becoming Free—I owe Myself an Apology

It’s been about four months, since I ended my relationship with my ex. The decision wasn’t easy but it was necessary. If I could be honest, sugar turned to shit real quick, once we moved to Cali together. But, we were both hopeful thangs would get better and they did. However; it was only for a matter of time. No matter the reasons, the relationship failed. I had to come to terms that the man I wanted to marry and have kids with was no longer a match for what…

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Intention & Attention—Six Steps to Harness Your Energy to Create the Life you Want

Yung Bleu is playing in the background. You just got out the shower and you’re moisturizing your body with organic shea butter. This week has been long, and you already knew that this Friday night you and yo’ friends were gon’ dance the night away. Come hell or high water, were certain about getting lost in the moment and enjoying yourself. So, you beat your face, jump in that Fashion Nova piece, make sure that natural hair curl pattern is POP-PIN’! You spray Ralph Lauren’s Romance just before you head…

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Monday & Co.’s Cowork Pop- Up Event – Atlanta

Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a Cowork Pop-up Event at Monday & Co “located in Atlanta, in the historic Old Fourth Ward near MLK Park.”  The event was hosted by CEO, Candice VanWye and COO, Michelle Benjamin of  Brown Girl Bloggers. I have attended several conferences, but this was my first “cowork” type of event.  We were met with a well-appointed workspace, hot coffee and a delicious assortment of pastries; lunch was also provided.  Creatives were encouraged to bring their own equipment. Each working space seated four people and was equipped with electrical outlets.  As a…

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