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As a single mom, should you choose to date online, do so with caution. In my opinion, online dating is no different than meeting someone face to face. I say this because, whether you meet a person face to face or virtually you still must get to know them; you just can’t skip that process.  Also, online dating gives you a chance to meet new people which is good, especially if you are not the type that has a busy social life. So, here are some tips to keep in mind should you decide to take the leap.  Determine what dating site you are going to use. Unfortunately, some dating sites are known for serving as hook-up hot spots only. So, if you are looking for something or someone a little more serious and of better quality you may want to bypass the hook-up hot spots.  Use current photos. Don’t be around here having folk thinking they have been cat fished. Try to look as close to your profile picture as possible. I have a confession. I once told a guy that I was midget.  I am a short woman, but I am not a midget. The look on his face was priceless, when we finally met.  I could see the look of relief on his face when I came around the corner. I could barely contain my  laugh.  Okay, I’m done…don’t do that…LOL. Don’t mention that you have kids in your profile. If the connection progresses to a telephone call or a date, and you feel comfortable enough share the information then do so. If you get the option to elect to tell someone something later on your profile, use that option when it concerns divulging if you have children. Keep your profession description basic because male goal diggers are real. Only agree to meet at public places until you are comfortable doing otherwise. Let at least one person know where you are going, what you are wearing and the name of the person you are meeting.  If your date has chosen the meeting location and you don’t feel comfortable, leave. Don’t be afraid to do a back ground check either. Furthermore, should you find something, depending on the date and time of the charge, give the person a chance to share that information with you. No one is perfect, people can and do change. Also, just because you don’t find a record does not mean the person is not capable of causing harm.

Online dating can be fun. Be sure you are clear about your expectations.  If a person has shown interest in you, but only contacts you via chat late night, addresses you first as hey sexy, and has this mysterious lightened piece of skin on his ring finger….run. Just kidding, no but seriously, he’s probably married. If they are out of state or live more than 50 miles away and seem too good to be true, they probably are.  With any new situation approach with caution, be able to accept rejection , trust your gut, and take your time.

Janet Michelle, xoxo

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