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Offset and Cardi B’s Engagement: How Soon is Too Soon?

OffSet, Cardi B, Music, Wedding, Love

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I am totally here for Offset and Cardi B’s pending nuptials.  To be a young couple in love and openly profess that love in this “jump off” culture is  alright with me.  However, his proposal and their pending marriage has prompted a lot of conversation centered around how long should one wait before getting married? How soon is too soon?

In a recent study published by Bridebook.co.uk, 4,000  married couples were surveyed and asked how long had they been in a relationship before getting married. Are you ready for the answer?  4.9 years was the average.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, people will do what works for them.  Many couples have dated for less time and go on to have beautiful marriages. On a personal note, waiting is okay.   My first marriage happened so quick. His approach was smooth though. Speaking king and queen talk right off the back.  Good credit, no children and a homeowner, sounded like a winning ticket to me. However, all that glitters isn’t gold, but that’s another book though…LOL.

Truthfully, I believe that timing is everything.   Get to know the person, know their family, and be cautious of any red flags. When you are ready, take the leap without pressure!   Wishing Offset and Cardi B and many others, a beautiful courtship and an even more beautiful marriage.

Cardi B, Off Set, Love, Music, Wedding
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