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‘New Year, New Me’: Shut up & do the Work


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As the end of the year draws near, I’m noticing that I’m not seeing any New Year’s Resolution posts, and I am surprised.

For as long as I can remember, people have always posted ‘New Year, New Me’ towards the end of the year.

They tally up all of their sorrows and joys, and it seems as if there is always more sorrows, and the moments of joy are fleeting like a thief in the night.

Most have to catch the opportunity of joy if and while they can, which is often in between paying bills, looking for a babysitter, fighting with their spouse and/or baby mama or baby daddy, being parents, going to school, dealing with relationships, and even more.

Once all of that is over, people realize that none of these FB posts mean anything without the work.

I hope less quotes means that people are taking the initiative to show up for what they want. If not, they’ll be right back where they are 365 days later, resting in the pity and begging for something or someone to save them.

I wish I could give people tenacity and perseverance, while I give others hope and belief. Sometimes I hear stories and I want to save people from themselves. Other moments, I wish I could stop and respond to every message I receive. I try to but I can’t always. Fact of the matter is, no one is gonna save you but yourself.

As you go into 2020, please know these three thangs:

  1. You have choices
  2. You can live in abundance.
  3. You deserve pleasure.

Often times, people don’t like making choices cuz the options are like being stuck between a place and a hard rock. Whether you choose today or tomorrow, know that a choice can be made, if you desire.

Abundance is simply having more than enough and more than you need. Next time you ask God for money, ask him for more than enough. You still gotta live after you pay bills.

From food to orgasms, you deserve to enjoy life. Life can be hard & you should enjoy it.

Happy Holidays!

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