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Natural Skin Care Industry: Black Women Are Indeed a Force

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Owner: Donna L. Pregent

Refreshen, Natural, Skin, Body, CareAccording to Grandview Research, the global organic personal care market size was estimated at USD 10.16 billion in 2015; rising consumer awareness regarding personal health safety is expected to support the market growth over the forecast period. Black women are lining up to be front and center in the growing organic personal care market.  Please allow me to introduce to you, Donna L. Pregent,  owner of Donna Lisa’s Beauty Facial Creams LLC, founded in 2005.

JM: Tell me about your business:

DLP: Refreshen microdermabrasion creams was created out of chronic disappointment with product available. My husband and I wanted to come up with a better product and we did just that.

JM: What are you most passionate about?

DLP: Skincare and professional ethics, I have always been into skincare products and my aim is to produce only effective appropriate products that will do what they claim they will do.

JM: Who does your business service

DLP: Refreshen treatments are beneficial for all skin types and colors, yet we make two separate cream formulas; one for lighter skin and one for darker skin.  This is because light and dark skin have unique surface properties and each benefit more from different ingredients.  So the crystals are the same and it is the cream formulas that are purposefully very different.

JM: What business/organization accomplishment are you most proud of?

DLP: Donna Lisa’s Beauty Facial Creams LLC.

JM: What inspired you to start your business?

DLP: To provide people with what is other- wise not available.  Creating effective microdermabrasion creams at an affordable price. Two product lines – African American/People of Color and Light Skin formulas, each line has four different strengths. 1). Professional strength – is for people with very tough skin and the need to remove pock marks and scars generally from acne. 2). Regular strength is for almost everyone else. 3). Sensitive skin strength is for those who tend to react to soaps and other personal hygiene products 4) Extra Sensitive skin formula is for the most sensitive skin.

JM: Did you face any obstacles in starting; if so how did you overcome them?

DLP: Well the struggle has been real, first having faith in God, as with any start-up company being persistent and not giving up no matter what.  There is still lots of work to do to get the word out that Refreshen is a great affordable product that will give you Awesome Results You Can See.

JM: If you could leave some words of wisdom with the readers what would they be?

DLP: I recommend put God first, don’t give up on your dream and take care of your skin.

JM: Where do you see your business or organization in 5 years?

DLP: I see Refreshen product nationally, everywhere in the United States.

JM: Please describe any upcoming or annual events:


1. Saundra Allison – Manager/Sales Rep. will be at the following event:

Date and Time if applicable: Mane Stream Hair & Beauty Expo November 5th – 6th 2017 from 10am to 5pm.

Location if applicable: Tampa Convention Center.

Registration Link: applicable: phone# 800 955-0193

2. Yolanda Ponder – Manager/ Sales Rep. – Will be hosting an event for Refreshen products in the beginning of September.  More details to follow soon.

JM: Please describe any products that you are currently offering and the link to purchase them.  Feel free to share any other information

DLP: Products offered are: Light skin and Dark skin microdermabrasion creams in multiple strengths. We also carry a moisturizer for both product lines.  Product can be purchased at the Vancouver mall kiosk cart, 8700 NE Vancouver, Washington 98662 and via our website:

DLP: Shout out to Saundra Allison and Yolanda Ponder, Thank you for all of your hard work promoting the Refreshen microdermabrasion products.

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Saundra Allison – Manager/Sales Rep.

For my information please visit them on social media or via the website!

Social Media Handles:

Facebook: Refreshen Results You Can See and Donna Lisa Pregent

Twitter: Resultsyoucansee@_REFRESHEN_

Thank You

Contact Information

Email Address:,

Phone Number: Business# 503 352-5429



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