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Natural Hair Documentary: Take Back the Crown


Natural Hair Documentary: Take Back the Crown, demonstrates how black people have grabbed ahold of the narrative surrounding black hair and well, it is about darn time. Also, its high time to admit that the wearing of one’s natural hair is not just some phase, but an integral part of an individual’s expression and way of life.

take, back, the, crown, natural, hair, culture
Photo: Oxygen

The decision to return back to ones natural texture offers a great deal of support unlike what we have not witnessed in the past. From beauty products to accessories and hair stylist, options are now plentiful. Large retailers such as Target and Sally’s now offer distribution deals to black hair care brands, which makes accessing products a lot easier.

The documentary, Take Back the Crown, from Executive Producer Tasha Edenbyrd gives us an insightful view into the world of natural hair.

We explore the natural hair industry told through the eyes of the clients, stylists, business entrepreneurs and social media influencers who dominate the space. We look at the struggles, emotional impact and business opportunities that have generated a new renaissance of ” Hair Empowerment”, we also take A deep dive into the analytics and reasons behind this surge in popularity of natural and textured hairstyles and the Impact on the hair/beauty industry. 

The entrepreneurial growth in natural hair care is equally phenomenal. While nothing new, in earlier decades, companies such as Johnson Products, Dudley’s, Soft-Sheen Carson and Proline reaped record profits after introducing products designed for black hair.

Take, Back, The, Crown, Black, Hair
Photo: Take Back The Crown

In 1968, with a $600 investment, Cottrell, his brother Jimmy and a friend got into the Black hair care business. He formulated a strawberry scented oil sheen for Afro hairstyles and founded Pro-Line Corporation in 1970. By 1973, he made his first million dollars in sales. 

Pittsburg Courier, 2014

Access to information, capital and direct to consumer exposure via social media makes this era slightly different. This era has produced several millionaires of black hair brands.

There is no official release date for the documentary. We will follow closely and update readers as soon as we have one.

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