My First Diner En Blanc  Experience: West Palm Beach

I have just one thing to say, put Diner En Blanc on your 2018 calendar.   Diner en Blanc – “dinner in white”- is the mother of all white parties.

The concept was birthed in 1989 by Francois Paquier.  He decided to have dinner with friends after being away for a while.  Many of his requested to join him, so they were instructed to wear white in order to be easily identified.

D.E.B. has grown to become a huge  event occurring all across the globe. One of largest gatherings recorded occurred in Paris. Almost 15,000 people gathered for the 25th anniversary.  D.E.B. is not your typical all white gathering. Here’s why, there is a three step process for D.E.B.  Step one includes registering for the waiting list. Step two, if accepted registration must take place at the appointed time with the provided code.  Failure to do so, may result in you not being able to attend. Only one additional guest can be added to the invite.   Lastly,  after registration and payment of membership and attendance fee, the date and pick-up location are disclosed. The actual dinner location is not.

Food and drink is provided at an additional cost, or you can bring your own.  Come prepared with a table, two white  chairs, a white table cloth, dinner napkins and décor.  Oh, don’t forget your trash bag. Yup, the area must be left clean and tidy. On the day of the event, arrive at your pick-up station and a chartered bus will transport  you to the secret location.

My friends and I attended our first  D.E.B. in West Palm Beach – Rivera Beach Park.  My daughter and I almost didn’t make it. Why?  The table ordered didn’t arrive on time and the back-up ordered from Target wasn’t available for pick-up. Thankfully there was one left on the floor which was quickly snagged.

The night was magical, energetic and entertaining.  While dining we enjoyed some live music from a skilled saxophonist. Table décor ranged from chic to pure elegance. Feathers, bows, glitter, led lights, flowers, fur you name it, tables had it! After dinner, the fun really began. With the lighting of sparklers a night of literally dancing under the starts commenced.  The D.J. kept us on our feet all night long.  Rap, R&B, Techno, Soca, Jazz , he played it all.  We jammed until we couldn’t  jam any longer.  If good food, people and music is your thing, consider attending D.E.B.

Visit Diner en Blanc for additional information.  They occur all across the country at different dates and times. I hope to see you next year!


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2 Thoughts to “My First Diner En Blanc  Experience: West Palm Beach”

  1. Tamika Mitchem

    It was definitely a good time. I can’t wait to try another city next year!

    1. JanetMichelle

      I agree Tamika! I can’t wait!!!

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