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At the beginning of 2016, I affirmed that I wanted to learn. My desire was that I would remain teachable and be open to guidance. This year did not disappoint in lessons. I learned that procrastination was a silent threat to my efforts. I learned that consistency prevented doubts from establishing their roots. I learned that being alone is okay. I learned that taking interest in things that I liked did not mean that I cared about others any less. I discovered my passion and will continue to take steps to fulfill it. I learned that planning and patience are the keys to success. I learned that it is okay to be singular in focus and that walking away from something doesn’t mean that I’m giving up. Instead, it means that I have chosen to walk into my destiny. I learned how to be genuinely happy and supportive of others when they find success. I learned how to accept the new seasons in my life.

I said earlier, 2016 was full of lessons. I reflect often throughout the year and 2017 will be no different. I’m excited about what 2017 has to offer. I feel within, that 2017 will be a beautiful year. One that’s full of new chapters, success and prosperity. I hope your 2017 is all that, plus more. May you approach your 2017 with wisdom and weather the storms with grace. Take care…..Happy New Year! xoxo

Janet Michelle

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2 Thoughts to “My 2017”

  1. The best quote I heard last year was “My breakthrough is on the other side of my follow through.” (Pastor Jonathan Anderson). You hit it right on the head…procrastination and slothfulness are stealers and killers. Like you, I am on a mission to be more diligent in the areas that have robbed me of success and progress.

    1. JanetMichelle

      Yes. I’m great at planning, but my follow through could definitely use some work. I have pulled way from a few projects because I really want to be able to focus and give 100% to my blogging. You will be successful on your mission. Remember why you started. Take care. 🙂 P.S. thanks for stopping by.

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