Married to the Job


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Are you so married to your job to the point that you are short changing yourself professionally?  I asked myself that question after being on my job for eight years with restricted progress.   I loved what I did, but I realized that my opportunities for increased growth were limited. I also realized that my job no longer fit my talent and skills.  The thought of leaving used to leave me paralyzed. Initially, I made up every excuse to stay. I belonged to a wonderful organization. I was able to obtain to new skills and achieved limited professional growth. The impact that I made in the lives of others was tremendous.  I began to think that the no’s that I received when trying to move up meant that I was supposed to stay put. I also began to question if I was good enough or even talented enough for promotion.

One day, I did what I should have done prior to starting employment there; I sat down and developed a plan based on my long term goals.  I came to the conclusion that I had simply outgrown my job. Even if I had managed to land a promotion, it would not have placed me on the correct path.  So, I decided to leave. Although I miss the population that I once served, I am thankful that I made the decision. In the two short years I have been with this new company, I have received two promotions.  The second promotion was into a department that I had set my eyes on the day I was hired. Writing up my long term goals and going into a new place of employment with those goals in mind had proven to be very helpful strategy.  My ultimate goal is to be able to one day fire my boss and work for myself permanently. Until then, I will continue to sharpen my skills and add more tools to my tool belt.

If you find yourself dreading work or are no longer feeling excited or passionate about it, you may need to reevaluate your purpose for being there. Are you so married to your job, to the point that you are stunting your professional growth?  Fear can breed complacency. Don’t be afraid to reevaluate your professional goals and make the necessary adjustments accordingly. Learn all that you can. Take any courses or training offered. Never discount your skills because often skills are transferable.  If your skills and talents are consistently undervalued and overlooked, then it may be time to chuck the deuces.

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