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Lisa McClendon: The Overdose – Live Music and Great Conversation

Let me first apologize to my children for my constant playing of Lisa McClendon’s music back in the day. Poor children, couldn’t catch a break. But hey, I chop it up to sewing seed!

The look on her face as  I walked through the door was hilarious. It was the “I didn’t realize you were that short” look.  We both burst out laughing. Prior to that night, we had never met in person before. We became friends via Facebook.   I didn’t have a “fangirl” moment, I was proud of myself.  Once we formally greeted on another, she started to explain to me the flow of the night and what she needed from me.Indigo, Lisa, McClendon, The, Overdose, Tampa, FL, Cafe

I had the pleasure of shooting Lisa live and thriving in her element.   The Overdose highlighted Lisa along with her guest Co-host, Cassanova, facilitating “He Say She Say” . The Overdose also featured  live music along with a curated music list guaranteed to keep the atmosphere lit. Guest get to participate in the He Say, She Say conversational format session.  They are asked to write their questions on 3×5 cards (pink for the ladies, blue for the men) prior to the start of the event. The event occurs once monthly, usually on the 4th Friday of every month.

Lisa, McClendon, The, Overdose, Tampa, FL

The quaint Indigo Coffeehouse + Social Bar, located in the bustling heart of Downtown Tampa, FL  was the perfect host spot.   The large windows, blue and white tile against the grey walls with oak accents provided the perfect backdrop to a very entertaining night.  One of several highlights of the evening was Lisa’s special cocktail, “Fire and Desire”,  which featured notes of cinnamon and vanilla. The Baristas crafted it to perfection, I had to catch myself and not sip to fast.

As she got comfortable in her element, I watched in amazement at how she’s able to use her gift of voice and be transparent about both the painful and beautiful journey of her life.  Prior to this,  Lisa suffered a very painful divorce.  I will never forget watching the rawness of her pain.  I had been following her for minute on social media and remember watching one of her live segments. In it, she was rightfully angry and in tears as she shared what led to the demise of her marriage, as it was happening.  This was serious because the ex-husband and Lisa were leaders in a very thriving ministry during the time.  If anyone is familiar with how the church can role during times of controversy, then you probably already know how things went down.

Unfortunately, when things are made public, along comes the criticisms from people that don’t even know you. Although, on the flip side of that also comes support as well.   Lisa didn’t sit idle during the pain though. She is an avid gardener and author of the “The Affirmation Cookbook”.  Link to Interview here  She also wrote a song from the experience titled “Ms. Tina”, which she performed that night. I love  it by the way. Take a listen here:

For an extended interview about the song take a listen here:

The atmosphere was absolutely beautiful.  In her, I was reminded of the  saying “what doesn’t kill you, can make you stronger”.  I firmly believe that some things in life are sent to crush one’s spirit. However, when you rise above the weapon, and use that pain to further your purpose, the victory in that is sweeter than revenge could ever be. From her pain, Lisa has managed to go on to encourage, empower, and uplift many others.

Lisa McClendon

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The Overdose Tampa

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