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Jam of Approval: Kendrick Lamar’s Damn


Kung  Fu Kenny got the industry on lock.  When all of your titles on your most recent album chart at the same time,  that’s some very very legendary stuff.  Listen, I enjoyed every track on Damn. I’m old school, I have to understand every lyric and feel the song;  with Kendrick Lamar that wasn’t even an issue.  Kendrick had me feeling like I needed to repent and I hadn’t  even done anything.  He raps with such  passion and with an even greater awareness of  his platform and influence.  He is a beautiful example of artist growth.  When your life changes, your ability to convey that change in your music should happen as well. It’s  was keeps one authentic.  It’s what legends are made of.  Damn gets my Jam of Approval!


Kendrick, Lamar. Hip Hop, Rock

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