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Janelle Monae’s Third Official Studio Album: Dirty Computer


Janelle Monae is scheduled to release her 3rd official studio album “Dirty Computer” on Friday, April 27th, under Wondaland Art Society, Bad Boy Records and Atlantic Records .  Preceding its release are four awesome singles, “Django Jane”, “Make Me Feel”, “Pynk” and “I Like That”.  Might I add,  the visuals accompanying the singles are absolutely stunning.

When Janelle arrived on the scene  in 2007 it was on her terms with the solo release of Metropolis.  Janelle has never been one to shy away from major issues impacting members of  underrepresented communities.   Some artist run the risk of public backlash by taking that approach, but not her.  Janelle has managed to grow, glow and live in her truth. In her most recent effort,  she is colorful, magical, powerful, skillful, thoughtful, eclectic, sexy, funky, fly, dope and fresh. Yup, I got all of that from four singles, so you know that album is gonna be the ish! Not to mention the Purple One aka Prince is all over this project. Especially on “Make Me Feel”.

Now,  I’m about to keep it all the way one hundred. I do wonder if her skin was of a lighter hue, would her success be greater? Not to diminish her awesome accomplishments thus far, but she has put out some great bodies of art, that in my opinion deserved a lot more notoriety  and appreciation.  Nevertheless, no since in crying over spilled milk. It is my hope that she will continue being that megaphone for  underrepresented members of society and a walking canvas of self love!  May her light shine ever so brightly.

One more thing, for my St. Petersburg, Florida Folk she will be performing at  Janus Live on on July 26th.  For the complete tour schedule go here


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