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Issa Rae Launches Cltre Captial A Data Ownership Company


Issa Rae Launches Cltre Capital A Data Ownership Company. 

It’s no secret that companies have free range when it comes to consumer data.  Opt-ins and privacy statements  are really the bare minimum. Until recently, there was no way for the consumer to capitalize off  of their data harvested by companies.

Issa Rae launches Cltre Capital a data ownership company.
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Variety reported in 2019,  that Issa had taken a minority stake in Streamlytics, an L.A.-based startup led by tech entrepreneur Angela Benton, which is aiming to democratize access to streaming media data — with a specific focus on providing data that better reflects the usage of people of color.

“Black consumers stream more content than all other consumers. And time (and views) is MONEY. Your data and online activity is single-handedly responsible for building some of the largest companies in the world.”

Issa Rae

Cltre does several things, it assist consumers with creating a data license; pays consumers for their data; and creates content suggestions based on viewing patterns. Consumers would need to first download their data from streaming platforms such as Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Google, Amazon, and YouTube.

It’s a revolutionary approach that gives true control to the consumer. Currently, data brokers work feverishly to sell consumers data with out an ounce of consideration for direct compensation to them.

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