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Intention & Attention—Six Steps to Harness Your Energy to Create the Life you Want


Yung Bleu is playing in the background. You just got out the shower and you’re moisturizing your body with organic shea butter.

This week has been long, and you already knew that this Friday night you and yo’ friends were gon’ dance the night away. Come hell or high water, were certain about getting lost in the moment and enjoying yourself.

So, you beat your face, jump in that Fashion Nova piece, make sure that natural hair curl pattern is POP-PIN’! You spray Ralph Lauren’s Romance just before you head to the bar to meet the tribe.

For about 20 minutes, in the car, you have went from Boosie to Cardi B with a bit of Meg THEE Stallion. As you arrive and hurry to find a park, you’re texting yo’ homegirls asking where they are and letting them know you have arrived.

You walk in but all of a sudden the excitement is gone. For one, you can’t find yo folks. It’s entirely too hot and to make matters even more stressful, your phone is going dead. So, the intention to have a good time is slowly fading away because you’re so focused on what’s going wrong.

Even though the DJ is lit, the fellas are looking nice and there’s room for you to dance, your attention doesn’t support your intention. All the effort you put into having fun has been wasted, due to your lack of appreciation and acknowledgement of your supportive environment.

This is how life is. We have an intention on moving forward, getting better, becoming more financially stable but we don’t. For whatever reason, we choose not to be an active variable, when shaping our lives.

When The Afro Buddah spoke of this, she confirmed what I already knew. I wasn’t focused on my intention. Instead I gave energy to everything that was complete opposite of my intention that I set, which kept me on an hamster wheel.

While the world is turning, we fail to support our intention with positive energy. Then, we act surprised when thangs are not working in our favor.

It’s all about where your focus is the strongest. Whatever we’re putting energy towards is what we will manifest.

So many of us will say one thang but our vibration displays something else. We are not showing up for what we desire. Not realizing that we have everything we already need. But, we continue to discount the effectiveness and overlook what we could use to support our intention.

You won’t feel like showing up daily and you won’t understand everything that needs to be done, at first. But, you must decide to become an active participant in life.

You want a new job? Modify your resumé and apply for a new job. Want to go back to school? Get that financial aid in order and apply to the schools of your choice. Want a new look? Decide what look you want and hire someone to give you that new hairstyle or a stylist. If you simply want to be happy, listen to happier music, while focusing on thangs you want to happen.

These six simple steps can help you to harness your energy towards your intention(s).

  1. Show gratitude for where you are now and what you have:

You have something to be thankful for—big or small. Even something as simple as you were safe today, your kids, you ain’t cuss anybody out, you kept your composure, your home, bed, car, and etc. Whatever you have let God know you are grateful.

2. Decide to actively participate in your life:

Save yourself. We are all carrying our own cross. While you may be able to lean on someone from time-to-time, you gotta lean to be active in your own elevation. Do one thang a day to better your life—whatever that looks like for you.

3. Know what you want:

If you are not clear on your desires, the Universe will give you a bag of assorted items and you’ll have to waste time going through all of them. Be honest with yourself and work towards what truly fulfills you.

4. Become consistent:

You must show up consistently to work towards your intentions. Dedication is the only way this happens. Be dedicated to yourself.

5. Become courageous:

You’ll have fear but do it anyway. Don’t let fear of the unknown scare you so much that you have analysis paralysis. Get in the game!

6. Keep showing up:

Even when you’re sad. Even when you ain’t got a lot of money. Even when you’re confused. Show up!

We all have a choice. What are you choosing?

P.S. Catch my live about moving forward, in life, on FB.

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