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Insecure Season 2 Episode 5: Imperfect People Chasing Perfect Relationships

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Wow! Where do I start? I want to take back my shout-out to Molly (Yvonne Orji). I initially gave her props resisting the desire to sleep with her very married childhood friend Dro (Sarunas J. Jackson).

However, in this weeks episode;  vulnerable Molly gave in.  We will have to wait and see what the repercussions are going to be from this decision. In any case, I am confident that Molly will rebound with her heart intact.

Okay so let me roll it back a few. Molly’s reaction to finding out that her dad cheated on  her mom was understandable. For some odd reason, children regardless of how old they may be, see their parents as perfect and incapable of making mistakes. There is a lot to unpack there, but I will save that for another post. Hopefully,  Molly will stop chasing the perfect relationship and understand that  people aren’t perfect, so relationships won’t be either.

I’m all for the “hoetation”,  Issa exploring her sexual freedoms and enjoying her noncommittal phase is secretly giving me life.  There I said it.  I just hope she has truly healed and is not using sex to hide the pain from losing Lawrence (Jay Ellis).  Okay, I’m not trying to get to deep.  Issa (Issa Rae) showed a real sign of maturity with Daniel (Y’lan Noel) when she made sure that he understood and respected their boundaries and I loved it.  Issa  knows  exactly what unclear  boundaries and expectations look like. That’s precisely how she ended where she’s at now.

Issa appears to be stepping her game up both personally and proessionaly. Her being accused of reverse discrimination in a back handed way by her coworker was met with a resounding: okay so what you want me to do about it?  Brilliant!

Watching Lawrence obsess over Issa’s profile after seeing the picture online of her and Daniel (Y’lan Noel) was  hilarious. Magnifying the picture, cross checking profiles, the whole nine had me in tears from laughter.  I could be wrong, but I think he wants  Issa back.  I like the fact that his friend sort of checked him  and actually pointed out the fact that Issa wasn’t totally to blame in the relationship.  Lawrence was reminded how he  sat on the couch for 2 years trying “figure stuff out” and how that encouraged an atmosphere of infidelity.

I’m really enjoying season 2 of Insecure,  the growth of characters , freedom of expression, black love, and solid friendships  is must see tv for me.

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