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Insecure Episode 4 Season 2: Kiss ‘N’ Grind and Everything Else

Janet, Michelle, Issa, Insecure, Kiss, N, Tell
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The opening scene with  Issa (Issa Rae), Molly(Yvonne Orji) and Kelly (Natasha Rothwell) was so real and reminiscent of when my home girls and I would hang out.  I mean, who doesn’t turn up before the turn up. The ladies were prepping to attend  the Kiss ‘n’ Grind Party, which turns out to be  a real event that occurs in LA.  Watching Issa no longer question her singleness, but instead be optimistic about being smashed and embracing what ever the night had to offer was delightful. In fact, all of the ladies owned their glow that night.

Yet, just when things were looking good,  here comes the drama, juicy drama  might I add. So, remember Daniel (Y’lan Noel)- the dude Issa  slept with in the studio,  yeah the fine one.  Well, she finally laid eyes on him  at the Kiss ‘n’ Grind. Feeling the need to apologize and explain, she ran over to him and did just that. Daniel, not showing any hard feelings, let her know that things were cool, then Issa went  back to her section.

Issa was actually at the Kiss ‘n’ Grind to meet-up with a dude she had met online, that unfortunately did not go so well.   The dude straight curved Issa. Claiming she didn’t look like the person on the picture because her hair was different. Really ninja? But I digress. Online dating can be tricky. It’s best to try and look as close to your picture as possible. There is no need to be out here cat fishing folk.  Kelli wasted no time in finding her a boo. She  shimmied and shaked and caught her a man. With her bubbly personality,  what man could resist her anyway?

I immediately picked up on the connection between Molly and her childhood friend Dro (Sarunas J. Jackson). Things became real heated on the dance floor to the point of her friend offering her a proposition. Yes, he’s married, but he hit her with “we’re in an open marriage” line. I thought Molly was going to fall for it. She was smiling from cheek to cheek, and was tempted to indulge.

Nevertheless, in typical after the club fashion, you head to the hottest spot to grab a bite to eat. Listen, this diner scene   had me literally laughing out loud.  Issa runs into Daniel again.  Initially, they were just  making major eye contact with each other from across their sections. Then, Issa noticed that her friend Kelly became disturbingly quiet in the middle of talking, as if she had lost her bearings. I honestly thought she was about have a seizure or something. Come to find out, Kelly was letting the dude she met at the Kiss ‘n’ Grind play in her sugar patch under the table.

Daniel peeped what was going on and sent Issa a text message letting her know what was going down.  Issa slowly made her way to Daniel’s table where she stayed for the remainder of the night.  While at the restaurant,  Molly was  engrossed in the text message session between her and Dro.  Molly put her big girl panties on though and declined the offer to sleep him.  Go, Molly. Just say no to the married “d”. I’m proud of you girl.    Kiss ‘n’ Grind,  lived up to be one heck of a girls night out.

This recap wouldn’t be complete without any mentioning  of Lawrence  (Jay Ellis). I don’t know if Lawrence  just has a thot magnet or what, but he ends up in the most interesting situations.  While on  his way to the store prior to meeting up with some friends he became stuck in traffic. No problem, he did a  U-turn like the two previous cars before him and continued to head towards his destination.  Bad timing, because he ended up getting pulled over by a policer offer. The exchange was a little intense. In that brief moment , I was reminded of how quickly things can escalate when the only thing you’re trying to do is have a good time.  Eventually, Lawrence was let go and continued on his journey to the store  prior to hooking up with friends.

During the police encounter, Lawrence didn’t realize that some his cards dropped out of his wallet. While at the counter to pay for his items,  he could not find his debit card/cash. So,  the two young ladies behind him, offered to cover his bill. Nice gesture right?  While in the parking lot, the two ladies that paid for  his order invited him to their place instead. Lawrence gleefully said yes  and curved his friends and joined the ladies. Long story short, he ended up in a threesome with some coke heads, that treated his manly parts like  a toy. They had the nerve to  look  at it  as if  it was broke  because he could meet their sexual demands.  What’s funny is that they started to name some other random dudes that were better in bed, right in front of him.  The nerve.

Even more interesting though, is that after that wild evening, he ended up sitting in front of Issa’s apartment.   Hmmm, regrets maybe?  I’m not sure.  Whatever it is, we  will have to wait and see as the season progresses.

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