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Insecure Episode 3 Season 2: Trying to Be Unbothered Like Molly

Molly ( Yvonne Orji)is truly unbothered and well hydrated  during this episode of Insecure and and I’m loving it.  We have all witnessed Molly’s struggles during last season. Date after date, questioning her worth,  and slightly shamed by her bestie Issa (Issa Rae), Molly had it bad. You know its serious when she  curved a joker after he offered  to take her out to see SZA in concert.  Molly has ditched her superficial list, looks inwardly for flaws and outwardly to repair them and isn’t so darn thirsty for a relationship. Yasss Molly.

HBO, Insecure, Yvonne, Orji
Photo: Yvonne Orji/HBO

Now miss, get it how you live Issa, out here just giving away the kat.  I get it though. She’s trying to sex it away, dance it away, drank it away, but its like cranes in the sky….alright let me stop. I was channeling Solange for a moment. Hopefully Issa will pull a Molly and repair her flaws, deal with pain and save the kitty.  That sex scene was  dare I say, awkward.  The single life can get crazy at times.

Insecure, Issa, HBO
Photo: Issa Rae/HBO

Now , I was pretty hard on Tasha (Dominique Perry)  in my last episode recap.  Partly, because she’s the type of woman that men have no problem messing over.  Approaching Lawrence (Jay Ellis) while he was in a relationship was a clear indication that she may have had thot tendencies. Fast forward, her and Lawrence hook-up, and just as quick as she falls for him, he quickly let’s her know he’s not ready for a relationship.

Jay, Ellis, HBO, Insecure
Photo: Jay Ellis/Verge

After leaving her family function early, he  blows her  off while attending a non mandatory work event. Tasha then utters the phrase I’m pretty sure many women have uttered at some point in their life. She let Lawrence know , that he was a F*** N*****.  Had Tasha  she not been so thirsty, and asked the right questions she would not have had  her heart broken and hopes of a real relationship dashed. Do better Tasha. Guard your heart and take a page out of  Molly’s notebook.

Lawrence is  about to go into the sunken place, mark my words. He’s was at the company event buying rounds of drinks for the table, but hesitating about getting his own place. I can’t with Lawrence this season, I just can’t. He’s still fine though.

HBO, Insecure, Issa, Rae
Photo: Racked

We got ya’ll, ain’t got everybody and the frustration is growing by the minute with Issa’s coworker Frieda (Lisa Joyce). I get her gripe, but its about the numbers and keeping a job and Issa get’s this.

I’m enjoying this second season of Insecure. Imperfect people trying to figure life out.

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