Get back to doing what you love! In the words of Auntie Maxine, reclaim your time! 

How Can We Help?

JM Digital Media  offers services that give entrepreneurs their time back, so they can focus on parts of the business they truly love! 

digital and print content development


We can help  you improve your companies digital presence with a brand relevant and SEO rich content development strategy.  Amp up  your digital presence and capture the attention of your target audience. Stop struggling with reach and website traffic.


professional ghostwriting services

Love to design, but hate to write? We got you! Ghostwriting services are available for projects such as, blogs, websites, books, online courses presentations, brochures and course materials.  Don’t allow the fear of writing to bring a halt to your dream. Outsourcing is a smart strategic move. Book your consultation today. 

special event blogging and photography

Extend the life of your event and maintain a buzz long after its conclusion.  Our special event coverage includes, a front page write-up of your event, distribution on social media channels Facebook and Instagram and two hours of event photography. A personalized event photo gallery (with the option to purchase prints). 

special event social media management

  Our Special Event Social Media Management services include: tailored messaging and posting to all of your social media platforms regarding your event until its closure. Professional and timely responses to guest that may have questions, concerns or complaints.  A custom detailed thank you notice at the conclusion of the event. 

Photography Services

Allow us to capture that special moment. Rates starting at $40 for per one hour session. $10 deposit required. Perfect for anniversary, engagement, maternity, and graduation celebrations.  


  Public speaking services are available. Areas of expertise include, blogging, content development, women empowerment, entrepreneurship and domestic violence. 


Black, History


As an entrepreneur, wearing more than one hat is to be expected. However, once your love and passion for what you are doing starts to wain, that may be the sign that its time to delegate. Crying late at night, cursing at your computer screen, taking endless courses for skills you will only use once or becoming so frustrated that you want to quit; are sure signs that someone else may need to occupy the driver’s seat. Reclaim your time, unleash your genius and get back to producing the dope work you know you are capable of doing. JM Digital media is here to help you do just that! 


5 Tips for Content Development

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Why You Should Hire a Blogger for Your Next Event

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5 Benefits of Using a GhostWriter

Having a ghostwriter frees up so much creative capital. Ghostwriters provide  a sense of freedom and  the feeling of accomplishment for the entrepreneur. In the video I share five additional benefits of using a ghostwriter.